Mistress Gwenllyan verch Morgain, OL
Shire of Fiodh Ogain, Trimaris


    Laurel: Elevated 2010-11-12
    Master of Defense:

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Mistress Gwenllyan

About Gwenllyan: Gwenllyan is a rather independent (and sometimes cranky) older Welsh woman of the 14th century who spends way too much time buried in books. She teaches as often as she can on both scribal and non-scribal topics. Other interests include her cats, sewing, embroidery, jewelry making, games, and cooking.

Gwenllyan has entered some remarkable pieces in Art/Sci and teaches a number of classes for the College of Scribes. She is a past senechal for the local group, the Shire of Fiodh Ogain and has also served as local chronicler and hospitaller.

Some Classes by Gwenllyan verch Morgan
Hatting and headwear
  • Italian Ribbon Coifs Hands-on class in making Italian Ribbon coifs (aka Juliet caps). Kit will include all materials needed to make a coif.
  • Women's Headwear of the 12th to 14th centuries- Covers primarily headwear for the 12th-14th centuries, including chinstraps, headrails, crespines (snoods), wimples, barbettes, caps, and veils. Directions and/or patterns included for all pieces.
  • Ladies’ Headwear 13th & 14th Century
  • Hoods and Hosen from Greenland
  • Beginning T-Tunics - Learn the basic one-piece, two-seam style, and get directions for a more fitted type. These directions are adaptable to any body shape or size, from children to adults.
  • The Ten Gore Dress 
  • Basics of Sewing- pattern terms & fabrics
  • Sideless Surcoat
  • Hoods and Hosen from Greenland
  • Italian Chemise 
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly- adapting Commercial Patterns Women’s Hoods
  • Period Games - A short history of a few simple to learn games, followed by time to play. Copies of the game boards (and a set of playing pieces) will be available for only 25 cents. Games include Fox and Geese, Nine Man's Morris, Alquerque, Senet, and Glu
Norse Studies
  • Viking Settlers in Herjolfsnes
  • Hoods and Hosen from Greenland
General SCA Knowledge
  • Planning a Feast
  • Scavenging in the SCA
Fiber Arts
  • Cord-making (lucet, whipcord, & kumihimo)
Scribal Arts
  • Beginning Scribal Arts – Where to Start An overview of scribal arts in Trimaris, including what type of materials to use, planning, layouts, sources and other basic information for those interested in calligraphy and/or illumination.
  • Acanthus Leaves: How to draw acanthus vines (common primarily in the late 14th- end 15th cent.), types of acanthus work, color combinations
  • Diaper Work Basics of diaper work with a reference notebook available for ideas. Class will be hands on making a sample of two or more patterns of student's choice. CDs of examples provided with class materials.
  • Layout and Design for Scrolls How to layout a scroll whether you do calligraphy, illumination, or both. Margins, common layouts, h
    istorical progression of illuminated works. Examples shown.
  • Celtic Knotwork
  • Introduction to Calligraphy
  • Illumination 101 
  • Shading Methods for Illumination 
  • I Write the Words- writing text for awards: Creation award texts ranging from non-armigerous to peerage level scrolls
  • Russian Iconography
  • Correcting Mistakes on Scrolls: Techniques for correcting mistakes from basic to advanced correction.
  • Shading Techniques: Techniques of shading for different objects in illumination. Basic to advances concepts taught.
  • Mask Making Workshop: Get into the Carnivale Spirit!
  • Italian Renaissance Dress workshop: a day long workshop taught for the Shire of Castlemere covering several topics of Italian Renaissance dress from undergarments to headwear and over garments. Basic to intermediate themes covered. 
    • 10am General information - changes in style, local variations, elements of garb, fabric choices, colors, sumptuary law, lacings, portraits, Everyday vs. "Sunday best".
    • 1pm Patterns and assembly - styles for chemises; making a period chemise. The gamurra (cotehardie), Italian style. Embellishments. Sleeves; variations, cut, fastenings. How to assemble a basic Ren gown with hidden seams.
    • 3pm: Accoutrements - jewelry, hairstyles and headpieces, accessories, shoes.
    • 4 pm: Question & Answer period - if needed