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The origin of the EFC of Malaysia dates back to October 1963

 when two EFC missionaries from Canada began door-to-door work in Malacca.

 On November 17, 1963, the first meeting was held at Malacca EFC.

 In November 1965, a work was started in the new township of Petaling Jaya.

 This new work resulted in the formation of Petaling Jaya EFC in September 1967.

 In 1970, Emmanuel Christian Centre in Kuala Lumpur became affiliated with

 the EFC and was reconstituted as Emmanuel EFC.

 Our Church, Faith EFC, has its beginning in 1974 and we were

 formally constituted a Church in May 1976.

 Since then, several more EFCs have been added into the EFC family in Malaysia.

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