Parade June 16 & Your Child is Invited

posted Jun 10, 2012, 6:22 PM by Beverly Koopman   [ updated Jun 10, 2012, 6:25 PM ]
We still have lots of room for more children to walk with our unit in the Buffalo Day's Parade next Saturda! Are you planning on coming & haven't already signed up? Please head over to our Facebook page and message with your RSVP.
This is a GREAT service learning opportunity for small groups 

Buffalo Days Parade (Mn), Saturday, June 16.
Meet us at St John's church parking lot by 5:00 pm (on Google maps). The parade starts at 6:00. We are unit 20, near the front and will likely be done by 6:30 or shortly after.

Children should dress up like a book character and carry a book or sign showing the cover. 

Children will help distribute book marks to parade watchers.

Parents will need to fill out a release/emergency contact form before your child can march. 

If your child is six or under, please have a parent (dressed up or walking the sidelines) walk with your child. If they need support, you'll be there.