From the many features of FeedFusion, the few that make it unique are

Integrates in Windows Vista

                    Built using Vista specific technologies like .NET 3.0 and WPF, FeedFusion offers the most enjoyable experience on this new operating system. Other users can stilll benefit from its full functionality, but will lake its great visual appearance.

Flexible Architecture

                    FeedFusion was built with extensibility in mind . It offers a particularly powerful  plug in engine  and tens of already available plug ins for your convenience.

Extended Compatibility

                    FeedFusion supports almost any news format available today. RSS 0.9-1, RSS 2.0 and ATOM are already on the list and because of its extensibility, it will allow other formats to be readily supported.

Easy Interoperability

                    Because  you need a easy way to switch from your old rss reader  to FeedFusion. feedfusion supports OPML file import. 

Increased Reliability

                    Feedfusion allows syncronisation between multiple computers  using OPMl import-export, so that you never have to  add the same feed in two places, and so that you don't lose any feed because of a computer crash or Windows reinstall.

Lightning-fast search 

                    If you remember that you read something but cannot pinpoint the exact feed and timeframe, the integrated search of FeedFusion will make your life easier.