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                    FeedFusion is the next generation Rss Reader designed to take advantage of the newest technologies available to make your RSS reading experience more pleasant. 


 What we're working on

 Date: 1-11-2006 

 Subject: Faster database 

 Effort is being done towards replacing the existing indexing engine (Lucene .NET)  with a more powerful solution ( SQLite ). A visible speedup should be noticed in the next version.

 Date: 20-10-2006

 Subject:  FeedFusion and Firefox 2.0 integration

 In FireFox, go to the Tools menu, then Options. Select the Feeds tab and then click on the "Choose Application" button. Browse to the FeedFusion  executable location and select it. When you will click on a news feed in Firefox 2.0, FeedFusion will open allowing you to automatically add the Feed to the database.

Older versions and IE users: Use the Clipboard Monitor plugin and keep FeedFusion open to achieve the same effect.

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