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Publications in Refereed Journals

Journal of Development Economicsforthcoming 

This paper was previously circulated as "Immigration and the Macroeconomy." 

 Journal of  Monetary Economics,  59(2),  March 2012, 196-213 

 Review of International Economics,  20(2),  May 2012, 377-395.

(with Pau Rabanal, Juan Rubio-Ramírez, and Diego Vilán)
Review of Economic Dynamics 14(1),  January 2011, 136-155 .

International Finance 14(1), Spring   2011,  103-133 . 

“Business Cycles and Monetary Regimes in Emerging Economies: A Role for a Monopolistic Banking Sector”
Journal of  International Economics 81(1), May 2010, pp 122-138.

“Microentrepreneurship and the Business Cycle: Is 'Self-Employment A Desirable Outcome? (with Gabriel Montes-Rojas)

World Development
79(1) ,  December  2009,  pp 1914-1925 .

“Remittances and the Dutch Disease (with Pablo  Acosta and Emmanuel Lartey)
Journal of  International Economics
 79(1) ,  September 2009,  pp 102-116 .

Working Papers/Work in Progress

This paper was previously circulated as "Technology Shocks, Employment and Labor Market Frictions"  

“Labor Market Polarization and International Macroeconomic Dynamics”

“Immigration and the Emergence of Offshoring and Low-Skill Service Jobs” (with Andrei Zlate)


“Terms of Trade Variability and Optimal Monetary Policy under Different Consumption Preferences” (with Mariano Kulish).


“Fiscal Policy, Remittances and Dutch Disease effects (with Emmanuel K.K. Lartey and Pablo A. Acosta)

Federal Reserve Bank Publications

"Housing Starts, Remittances and Macroeconomic Developments"

Macroblog. May 28, 2009.

"Financial Development, Remittances, and Real Exchange Rate Appreciation" (with Pablo Acosta and Nicole Rae Baerg).

Economic Review  94(1),  February 2009,  pp 1–12.

"Remittances Ebb and Flow with the Immigration Tide" (with Courtney Nosal).

Econ South  10(3),  2008.