Welcome to my homepage, which is, by the way, largely under construction. I am an econometrician and I am mostly interested in GMM and instrumental variable estimation and inference.
Here you can have a look at my curriculum vitae.
Current positionsAssistant professor at DEPS, University of Siena.Associate researcher at CRENoS, University of Cagliari and University of Sassari.External affiliate at HEDG, University of York.
NEW: Workshop on Econometric Theory and Applications at the University of Siena (link to webpage)Submit your paper by March 15, 2023 to sweta2023@unisi.it.
Contact Department of Economics and StatisticsUniversity of SienaPiazza San Francesco 7/8, Siena Office hours: by appointment via GMeet.Tel: +39 0577 232554Email: federico[dot]crudu[at]unisi[dot]itOther pages: Dept webpage, Researchgate, Orcid, Ideas, Google Scholar, LinkedIn.My Erdős number is 5, my Kevin Bacon number is infinite.