Welcome to my homepage, which is, by the way, largely under construction. I am an econometrician and I am mostly interested in GMM and instrumental variable estimation and inference.  
Here you can have a look at my curriculum vitae.
Current positionsAssociate professor at DEPS, University of Siena.Associate researcher at CRENoS, University of Cagliari and University of Sassari.External affiliate at HEDG, University of York.

Contact Department of Economics and StatisticsUniversity of SienaPiazza San Francesco 7/8, Siena Office hours: by appointment via GMeet.Tel: +39 0577 232554Email: federico[dot]crudu[at]unisi[dot]itOther pages: Dept webpage, Researchgate, Orcid, Ideas, Google Scholar, LinkedIn.My Erdős number is 5, my Kevin Bacon number is infinite.