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Call For Papers
Workshop on Cloud Services, Federation, and the 8th Open Cirrus Summit

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This event will be run as a workshop in conjunction with ICAC 2012 and will bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss the newest ideas and challenges in cloud services and federated cloud computing. With your help, we hope to accelerate the discussion in both commercial and academic contexts.
Focus of the Workshop:

The services offered by clouds are becoming critical for a wide variety of applications used by industry, education and government.There are now many examples of successful cloud services offered by public, private and community clouds. Many efforts exist that are creating cloud toolkits and frameworks to simplify the development and delivery of cloud services.

The main purpose of this workshop is to bring together those responsible for designing, managing, and operating clouds services so that they can share experiences with each other.  The workshop also welcomes users with requirements for new cloud services.

We are particularly interested in cloud services that can be used for federating clouds. Topics of interest include:

        Experiences, best practices, and lessons learned from operating cloud services
        Testbeds for designing new cloud services
        Cloud services for federating clouds
        Management and provisioning of cloud services
        Health and status monitoring of cloud services
        Security of cloud services
        Requirements for new cloud services
        Reliability and fault tolerance of cloud services
        Cloud services that span public and private clouds
        Design of cloud services
            Intercloud services
            Federation service
            Identity services
            Cloud bursting services
            Cloud services for emerging applications
        Applications utilizing such services

This workshop will build upon the success of the prior Open Cirrus events and the prior Open Cloud Consortium events.   The goal is to help building a community for those responsible for operating clouds and cloud testbeds, as well as those interested in designing new cloud services.

The Workshop is co-sponsored by the Open Cirrus Consortium and the Open Cloud Consortium, and FutureGrid.

Paper Format

Full papers (a maximum of 6 pages in the two-column ACM proceedings format) are invited on a wide variety of topics relating to federated clouds and their application. Submitted papers must be original work, and may not be under consideration for another conference or journal. Complete formatting and submission instructions can be found on the workshop web site. Accepted papers will appear in proceedings distributed at the conference and available electronically.

General Chair

    Michael Kozuch (Intel, Open Cirrus)

Technical Program Chairs (in alphabetical order)

    von Laszewski, Gregor (Indiana University, FutureGrid),
Robert (University of Chicago)

Committee (in alphabetical order)
    Brandic, Ivona (TU Vienna)
    Desai, Narayan (ANL, Magellan)

    Desprez, Frédéric (INRIA, Grid5000)
    Diaz, Javier (Indiana Universiy, FutureGrid)
    Fitzgerald, Steve (Eucalyptus)
    Fox, Geoffrey (Indiana University, FutureGrid)
    Gavrilovska, Ada (GaTech)
    Grossman, Robert (University of Chicago, Open Cloud Consortium)
    Keahey, Kate (ANL, Nimbus)
Michael (Intel, Open Cirrus)
    Llorente, Ignacio M. (OpenNebula)
    McGeer, Rick (HP)
    Milojicic, Dejan (HP Labs)
    Riedel, Morris (FZ Juelich, EMI)
    Toews, Everett (Cybera)
    von Laszewski, Gregor (Indiana University, FutureGrid)

Steering Committee (in alphabetical order)

   Grossman, Robert (University of Chicago, Open Cloud Consortium)
   Keahey, Kate (ANL, Nimbus)
Michael (Intel, Open Cirrus)
   Milojicic, Dejan (HP Labs)
   von Laszewski, Gregor (Indiana University, FutureGrid)