9:10VLAS: A Vision-Language-Action Integrated System for Mobile Social Service RobotKyung-Wha Park, Jin-Young Choi, Beom-Jin Lee, Chung-Yeon Lee, Injune Hwang and Byoung-Tak Zhang
9:35Intelligent Battery Management for Autonomous Surface Vessels based on Task Difficulty driven POMDPsAlberto Castellini, Jason Blum, Domenico Bloisi and Alessandro Farinelli.
10:00- 10:30coffee break
10:30Robotic Excavation using Imitation and Reinforcement LearningToby Buckley, Ashish Kumar, Frank Jiang, Ilya Kuzovkin and Erika Ilves
10:35Graph Neural Networks for Learning Robot Team CoordinationAmanda Prorok
10:40On the Impact of Uncertainty for Path PlanningJerome Guzzi, Omar Chavez, Luca Gambardella and Alessandro Giusti
11:05Path Planing for Ground Covering with an UAV Moving at Discrete HeightsAlessandro Riva and Francesco Amigoni
11:30Invited talkPeter Stone
12:30- 14:00lunch break
14:00Evaluation of Service Quality of Multi-Robot Teahouse based on PRINTEPSTakeshi Morita, Naho Kashiwagi, Ayanori Yorozu, Hideo Suzuki and Takahira Yamaguchi
14:25Distributed Accurate Leader-Follower Formation Control Under UncertaintyDany Rovinsky and Noa Agmon
14:50Characterizing autistic features among preschoolers interacting with social robotsMarie Manner, Maria Gini and Jed Elison
15:15Predicting Robot Performance: Why and HowFrancesco Amigoni, Valerio Castelli, Fabio Bonsignorio and Matteo Luperto
15:20Multi-robot path planning in well-formed infrastructures: prioritized planning vs prioritized wait adjustment (preliminary results)Anton Andreychuk and Konstantin Yakovlev
15:25Generating Optimal Gripper Orientation for Robotic Grasping of Unknown Objects using Neural NetworkIgor Chernov and Wolfgang Ertel
15:30- 16:00coffee break
16:00invited talkSven Koenig
17:00closing remarks