Federated AI for Robotics Workshop (FAIR) 2018

The first joint workshop on robotics, merging the two robotics workshops: ICML Workshop on Machine Learning for Robotics, and AAMAS Workshop on Autonomous Robots and Multirobot Systems (ARMS), will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, as part of the Federated AI Meeting (joint IJCAI-ECAI/ICML/AAMAS conferences.

The workshop is scheduled for Sunday, July 15 2018.

The joint workshop is intended to bring together all researchers and practitioners from the Federated AI Meeting that have interest in robotics. The workshop aims at connecting ML, and autonomous single and multi robot communities with recent advances in their own and between those fields, for the main purpose of cross fertilization. Each community has been running its own successful workshop for years, and the joint workshop is intended for those communities to interact and present promising innovative research directions, and new results

Purpose and Scope

Areas of particular recent cross-fertilization include (but are not limited to):

  • Market-based methods for coalition formation and task allocation

  • Machine learning in single and multi-robot settings, and applications of ML in manipulation, mobility, autonomous driving, flight and other areas of robotics

  • Unsupervised representation learning for robotics applications

  • Uncertainty propagation in deep neural networks

  • Human-robot interaction

  • Multi-robot teamwork

  • Human-agent-robot teamwork

  • Single and multi-robot path planning

  • Game-theoretic coordination

  • Analysis of large-scale multi-robot systems and swarms

  • Decision-theoretic single- and multi-robot planning

  • Imitation and learning by demonstration/example

  • Learning based human robot interaction, natural language instruction processing

We especially welcome discussions and demonstrations of robotic applications and implemented robotic systems that utilize AI and related methods.


The workshop will consist of a series of research presentations, organized into topical sessions (topics to be decided based on submissions). An interdisciplinary panel is planned, seeking to highlight research contributions and challenges unifying and differentiating the different sub-areas.

We are planning on having an invited talk, which will possibly lead to the panel discussion focusing on the connection between the AI/Robotics communities.

This will be a 1.5-day workshop.

Target Audience:

This workshop seeks to bring together researchers who work in robotics and who work on ML, agent and multi-agent systems. The workshop will attempt to specifically foster cross-fertilization by highlighting work and trends that bridge robotics communities, and that challenge existing theory and practice.

Contributions are sought in all areas of robotics. Theoretical papers are welcome, as long as they clearly address challenges in robotics. Empirical studies should ideally present experiments with real robots, though physical simulation studies are also acceptable. Papers that focus on mechanical aspects and low-level control should make an effort to relate to the AI community.

Paper Submission and Review Process

Potential participants are invited to submit either

* a full length regular paper (i.e., a technical paper for describing technically sound, innovative ideas that can advance the state of robotics; an application paper, where the emphasis is on its impact on the robotic application domain; a system/tool paper, where the emphasis is on its novelty, practicality, usability and availability), or

* a short paper (i.e., a position paper describing specific questions and issues that the participants feel should be addressed; a demo paper describing a demonstration of a robotic application, system or tool; a technical communication aimed at describing recent developments, and new projects that are not ready for publication as regular papers).

Paper submission site is: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=frob18


All papers submitted to the workshop will undergo review by the organizing committee and additional

program committee members. We typically do 2 reviews, and add reviewers in case of conflicts.

Papers accepted at the main conferences (technical sessions) should not be submitted to the workshop unless they are substantially extended or revised; in that case the submission should state how the final version will differ from the original paper.

Specific comments regarding AAMAS short papers:

In addition to the submissions solicited through regular publicity channels, we will work in coordination with the AAMAS robotics track chairs and program chairs, to offer fast-track submissions to particularly promising papers submitted to AAMAS with Robotics keywords, which were accepted as extended abstracts. We emphasize, however, that fast track status will not be offered to rejected AAMAS papers.

Important Dates
Submission deadline: 10 May 2018 *** new deadline ***
Notification to authors: 18 June 2018
Camera ready version: 28 June 2018


Submissions are accepted in PDF format only, using the IJCAI 2018 formatting guidelines at: ​http://www.ijcai.org/authors_kit

Author names should be included.

Regular papers must not exceed six (6) and short papers must not exceed two (2) pages, excluding references and appendices. Over-length submissions will be rejected without review.