Home of a Premier Strat Hockey League - THE FEDERAL HOCKEY LEAGUE

The Federal Hockey League was founded starting with the 1982 - 1983 season to bring added enjoyment of hockey to the many hockey fans and also strat-o-matic fans. This is a fantasy league and is not affiliated with the professional Federal Hockey League.
The FHL is a long standing league with the first season being 1982 -  83 under Commissioner Bill Modelski. Carey Miller is currently serving in his 14th year as commissioner. Russ Madle, Galen Fetsch, and Bob Laird have also served as Commissioners.  To obtain the current constitution for the FHL click on FHL Constitution
Carey Miller will be serving his 14 year as Commissioner. The first season was 1982-82 with Commish Bill Modelski

Draft via email to take place Mid November!!!!