This site is a personal wiki created for education purpose. It is not a public page.

The site is structured as followed: 
My own opinion on Monetary Policies and News related to the Fed.

List of unfinished research and readings, and queries unanswered. 

Provides general framework that can be used for the presentation

Provides general picture of the current economy, followed by different areas of focus (Housing, Unemployment, Inflation, Finance Sector, Interest rate). 
These pages provide general information and discussion about theory, current stats. General opinion can be added, but most opinions are put in "Opinion" page)

Captures what is discussing out there about the Fed's action. Some new instruments / policies will be explained here. Pro and Cons will also be laid out. But again, only published opinions from the Internet is put here. Personal opinion should be put in "Opinion" page. 

Provides definition on important terminology.

My summary and notes for some readings, including summer readings. 

Provides list of links to useful data sources. 

Since the limit of the sites is 100 MB, I avoid putting up the pdf files here. Instead, if necessary, links will be provided (see Resource page for useful data links)