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Our Mission: To achieve this silent epidemic to get the attention it deserves, as global human rights issue, health and security matter. We are asking the United Nations, the World Health Organization and political leader’s to investigate this problem, and capture the nature of it in a way that does not depend on any assumptions, prejudices, or values of the particular individual who studies it.”  
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An objective account is one which could ideally be accepted by any subject. Objectivity should not be mixed up with scientific consensus: Scientist may agree at one point in time but later discover that this consensus represented a subjective point of view.
The Situation :

In 2000 a sudden rise in incidence occurred in people, who rapport (some kind of) remote "attack" or manipulation. The increasing number of complaints from every continent of the planet keeps growing, and points to a GLOBAL problem. This group is referred to as “targeted individuals”, or "mind control victims", emerged in  late 90 ties and overlap surprisingly with similar unexplained experiences  that it hardly can be coincidental  Still, it goes  unnoticed, but becomes clearly visible, after a close serious attentive look at the totality.  

These complaints are no where monitored officially; remain “invisible” in any kind of statistics.  Observers have no idea of the scale of this , don’t recognize  the rapports as part of the same issue , and keep ignoring the complaints, as individual cases,  imagination, absurd conspiracy theories, superstition, or some or mental illness.  Is this playing "deception" on everybody, to go unnoticed ?



Rapports of Ti's mainly include following 3 things.

A -Most ti's rapport physical and mental symptoms they experience from the moment they consciously experience the technology starts to affect them.

B  -Most ti's rapport interception of mail, interception and alteration of telecommunications, telephone and internet communications and dysfunctions of all kind of electronic devices and cars electronic to start simultaneously.

C  -Most ti's experience "Organized stalking, which they explain in a few possible ways", and that in most cases starts earlier than the typical symptoms and physical sensations named electronic harassment".  

Those tree things (nearly) always go together without that the people know each other from all around the world, and the number of new people reporting this started to increase in 2000 exponentially till the present. This should at least raise the question how the complaints can be unrelated.    

 (Wikipedia)  "In action, , Reason involves the ability to think, understand and draw conclusions in an abstract way, as in human thinking, reasoning involves a conscious attempt to discover what is true and what is best, "


20 QUESTIONS FOR TI'S : (Produced by Monika Stoces)  Results are dependent on answering a few questions in a clear and concise way by a representative number of victims. Your participation in the survey is of the utmost importance. Please complete the survey taking your time . Your personal data will NOT be made public, only the global statistical results will be used .  Go to following link for the survey:

Thank you for your cooperation

op privacy international site  "
Nanotechnology evokes the potential for privacy invasion on the most intimate levels. For instance, nano- and microelectronic systems are able to interface directly with the nervous systems of biological organisms, controlling movement and behavior. The United States military and associated institutions currently conduct such research on insects, embedding them with optical and audio sensors, GPS and the means to relay information back to those in control. Known as the HI-MEMS project, the goal is to create tiny, relatively inexpensive, remote-controlled cyborg spies.


More in dept Research : Introduction in History of the Phenomenon in time.

It is all in the patterns, is this artificial intelligence arriving in network?  

  We will as well do  a more in dept research of the problem and compare other different unexplained similar experiences of the past decades, and try to clarify the connections, because we believe they are important.  


This site is still still under construction, more information and material is being added regulary to be as complete and clear possible, containing relevant information.



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