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September 16th 2013


Iris, age 68, retired and tired bicyclist

Road bike Tour near the Marmolada massive (Italy)

Review of the bike Tour

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

The day before has been the Sella Ronda Bike Day, at South Tirol.

And, as I have been in this area for this, I extended my tour to the following passes:

Valparolo, Falzarego, Fedaia, Pordoij and Campolongo.

Fedaia pass is close to the Marmolada massive.

Start and finish has been at Corvara, a city in the middle of the Sella massive.

This is more a picture page, as a tour description...

Enjoy the pictures of my tour!

Good luck to my followers!

1st set of pictures: Valporolo and Falzarego pass

2nd set of pictures, down the Falzarego pass:

3rd set of pictures, Fedaia pass:

4th set of pictures, Pordoij pass:

5th set of pictures, Passo Campolongo:

The end of the tour:

PS.: they have a wonderful strudel at South Tirol...

cold, cold, cold..., we have left Corvara on conditions like this: