Grid-Connected Wind Power

SkystreamTake advantage of various rebates, tax credits and deductions which are available for the installation of wind energy systems for homes and businesses. 

 You can become a mini-power company by selling power back to FEC while the wind blows!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do wind systems cost?

A: The cost of a wind system depends its size, as well as the type and height of tower required for the place you are living. For example a Skystream 3.7 kW system on a 35-foot tower has a cost of $8,500 including installation.


Q: How much wind speed does it take to run a wind generator?

A: Most wind systems require 8 mph wind or greater to start the output of electricity to the grid.

To estimate the production of a wind system for your area you can use an online program from the Iowa Energy Center.


Q: How long will a system last?
A: Properly maintained wind electricity systems should run from 20 to 30 years. The rule of thumb is that you will need to allocate about 1% of the installed cost of a wind system for operation and maintenance expense over the life of the system. For example, if you paid $40,000 to have your wind system installed, this would amount to $400 per year.

You do need to make sure these systems are added to your property insurance to cover weather-related damage


Q. How does a wind system work?
A: A grid-connected system will link the wind turbine to the existing electricity supply. The wind turbine is linked to the grid via a "grid-connect" inverter. The inverter also performs various safety functions, constantly monitoring the grid and switching off in the event of a fault or major fluctuation in supply.

All code-required safety equipment will be designed into your system.


Q. How do I get started?
A. Arrange for a site assessment to determine site location and system size. The site assessment includes a survey of energy usages in the home and recommendations for saving energy through efficiency.

Call us at 683-2510 to arrange a site assessment.