Green Power Project


Iowa's electric power comes primarily from fossil fuels. More than 75% of the electricity supplied to Farmers Electric comes from coal. Coal, and other fossil fuels, are limited in supply, and their use creates pollution that affects our air and water.
Renewable energy is abundant, can be produced locally, and is cleaner to use than traditional fuels. Farmers Electric is committed to supporting renewable energy and is offering a way for its customers to show their support as well. The Green Power Project is a local program that encourages the development of clean, locally-produced, renewable energy. Your voluntary contribution of $ 3.00 (or more) per month will make a positive impact on our environment, economy and quality of life.

What is renewable energy?
It is electricity generated from natural resources such as wind and sunlight, or natural materials such as plants. Unlike coal, renewable energy is limitless, clean and can be produced locally.
What are the benefits of contributing to the Green Power Program?
The benefits are real – now and for the future. By contributing, you help:
  • influence the future of energy production
  • lower our dependence on imported fossil fuels
  • encourage the development of renewable energy in our region, which benefits the local economy
  • reduce air pollution
  • conserve resources for future generations


How does it work?

Your contribution will be used in one of three ways:
1. To help purchase biodiesel for the co-op's back-up generators
Your contribution will continue to help purchase biodiesel for the cooperative’s back-up generators. These generators have been instrumental in FEC’s ability to provide reliable power to its customers. Produced from soybean oil, biodiesel burns cleaner than petroleum diesel and is good for our rural economy.

2. To support payments for customer-generated solar and wind power

Tax incentives, loans, and rebates are currently available to help customers get started producing grid-tied solar and wind energy. As an additional incentive, your Green Power contributions will support kilowatt-hour payments – called “feed-in tariffs” – for this customer-generated electricity. The feed-in tariff is based on the cost of the electricity produced, plus a reasonable profit for the producer. Read more about customer-generated power.

3. To purchase renewable energy credits which encourage the development of Iowa’s wind energy market

In Iowa, one of the most commonly discussed renewable energy sources is wind. The electricity produced by large-scale wind farms in Iowa is fed in to the grid and has the potential to become a significant part of the overall wholesale energy supply. Renewable energy credits are created when a renewable energy facility, like an Iowa wind farm, generates electricity. Your purchase of renewable energy credits encourages further development of the Iowa wind energy market and guarantees that some of the energy you consume will be replaced on the grid with clean power.

How much should I contribute?
Contributions are voluntary, and the amount is up to you (minimum $ 3.00). Consider contributing 3% of your average monthly electric bill. For example, if your average bill is $ 100, your contribution would be $ 3. Use this form to let FEC know how much you would like to contribute. The co-op will then add this amount to your bill each month. Your commitment is for one year, and will continue on an annual basis until you contact FEC to end participation.