Energy Conservation, Rebates and Grants


A great way to begin saving energy in your home is to understand where all that power goes.
Use the Home Energy and Refrigerator Calculators to help clarify your own energy usage. Or follow the link to ENERGY STAR's Home Energy Yardstick to see how your home measures up.
More ways to save!
Energy efficiency and renewable energy tax incentives are available. Combine these federal tax credits with FEC rebates and save more.
Please check out our Rebates and Grants for ways to help you with your energy efficiency and conservation efforts.

Requirements for Rebates and Grants

    • All units must be new (receipt for purchase must be dated within the past six months) and permanently installed on member premises to qualify for rebates.
    • Members are responsible for contractor scheduling and associated installation costs.
    • Members may be responsible for costs associated with upgrades to Cooperative systems due to increased capacity requirements.
    • Warranties, liabilities, and insurance shall be the responsibility of the member.
    • Rebate and grant applications are subject to Board approval.
    • Additional Cooperative rate incentives may apply but are not listed here.
    • Rebates, grants and cash rewards are available to Farmers Electric Cooperative members only.
    • Rebates are based on residential square footage requirements for heat loss or gain. (No unit over-sizing funded.)