Energy Conservation and Renewable Power

Farmers Electric strives to be proactive about the power we use in our service territory. We know that an increasing demand for energy, worldwide, is coinciding with a decrease in fossil fuel supplies and a concern about the effects fossil fuels have on the environment and our way of life.

Virtually all the power we buy now is generated from fossil fuel: coal. As the wholesale price of this power increases, so do electricity rates. As part of an effort to help with your "bottom line” – and do our part in affecting change at a more global level – we have restructured our energy conservation rebates, and are investigating ways to incorporate renewable energy in to our power portfolio. We are also offering a new Green Power Project -- giving you the opportunity to voluntarily support the use of clean, local renewable energy.

We encourage you to take advantage of our energy programs. If you have specific questions about these offers, contact the Cooperative.