• To introduce the knowledge base required for drug discovery and development.
  • To provide mentorship training in the areas of drug discovery and development. 
  • To introduce students to career and internship opportunities.
  • To provide opportunities for networking and collaboration.
  • To familiarise attendees with the services and expertise offered through HKU, SJTU, and HKSTP.


The translation of novel therapeutics from the research bench to the patient bedside is globally challenged by rising research and development costs, limited new chemical entities in the pipeline, longer development time, lack of clinical efficacy and value proposition, and diminishing public and private funding in basic research. The pharmaceutical sector coined the phrase “Valley of Death” where only 1 out of 10,000 chemical entities is commercialised at a cost of +$2.5B USD over 15 years. This creates a serious challenge to patient care and the promise of medical advancements including precision medicine. In the recent years, public-private partnership has emerged as a model to expedite the selection and the translation of promising drug technologies; in turn, quickens the pace for dissemination and implementation.

It is apparent that such endeavor requires a global dimension where multilateral partnership is a must. The mission of the HKU - SJTU - HKSTP Translational Medicine Consortium is a nexus bringing together HKU talents, Mainland and international partners, public agencies, and industry by taking full advantage of our joint academic attributes, assets, and expertise. The Consortium is a virtual platform where distinct strengths of each partner organisation can be synergised and where gaps can be filled.

For more information, please go to: http://www.hku.hk/press/press-releases/detail/15812.html