Jonathan FeBland's Compositions
Catalogue of Music composed by J.S.FeBland

K.100 3 Miniatures for Clarinet & Piano - pub. Universal Edition - on CD Clarinet Collection, Walsingham, Deborah de Graaff

K.101 March premiered in 1979 at R.A.M. Now widely performed from Europe to Australia to S. America. 

K.102 Lullaby - dedicated to Wilfred josephs (composer)

K.103 Finale - this work (composed April, 1979) has received 30+ P.R.S. registered performances since 2003.

K.104 3 Miniatures for Oboe & Piano prem. R.A.M., London

K.105 Sonatina

K.106 Espagnola

K.107 Square Dance

K.108 3 Miniatures for Bassoon & Piano

K.112 3 Miniatures for Flute & Piano - pub. Universal Edition prem. R.A.M. Jennifer Stinton ded. Malcolm Arnold

K.113 Aubade

K.114 Idyll

K.115 Rondo

K.116 3 Miniatures for Alto Saxophone & Piano prem. Burgh House, Hampstead, London NW3

K.120 3 Miniatures for Trumpet & Piano

K.124 3 Miniatures for Trombone & Piano - pub. Samuel King

K.124a 3 Miniatures for Trombone and Band - pub. Samuel King prem. Eire 2002.

K.128 3 Miniatures for Viola & Piano

K.132 3 Miniatures for Double Bass & Piano, rehearsed by Gary Karr, 1999.

K.135 Piccolo Movimento

K.136 5 Entertainments for Flute & Piano

K.142 5 Entertainments for Oboe & Piano

K.148 5 Entertainments for Bassoon & Piano

K.154 Dance Suite for Clarinet & Piano prem. Walter Achermann in Lucerne, Switzerland, October, 2007.

K.155 March

K.156 Canon

K.157 Gigue

K.158 Bourree

K.159 Reverie

K.160 Finale

K.161 6 Bagatelles for Flute & Piano - pub. Samuel King

K.168 6 Bagatelles for Oboe & Piano - pub. Samuel King

K.175 6 Bagatelles for Clarinet & Piano - pub. Samuel King

K.182 6 Bagatelles for Bassoon & Piano - pub. Samuel King

K.189 Diversions for Piano (also Divertimento or Divertissement) prem. Burgh House by Hoi Yu Tang

K.197 Six Bagatelles for Piano

K.198 Bagatelle No.1

K.199 Bagatelle No.2

K.200 Bagatelle No.3

K.201 Bagatelle No.4

K.202 Bagatelle No.5

K.203 Bagatelle No.6

K.204 April Tune (Piano) prem. R.A.M.

K.205 Hungarian Dance (Piano)

K.206 Hungarian Rhapsody (Piano)

K.206a Hungarian Rhapsody (Cello/Piano) prem. Steiner Hall, David Johnstone (Vc) with the Composer at the Piano

K.207 Marche Joyeuse (Organ)

K.208 Hosanna (Organ)

K.209 Kyrie (Organ)

K.210 Processional (Organ)

K.211 English Suite No.1 (Orch.)

K.215 English Suite No.2 (Orch.)

K.219 English Suite No.3 (Orch.)

K.223 English Suite (Trio - Clarinet, Cello & Piano) on CD Warner Bros 'Chamber Music Discoveries', Trio B3 Classic

K.223a English Suite (Trio - Clarinet, Bassoon & Piano)

K.227 Three Spanish Pieces (Cl, Vc & Pno)

K.228 Melodia Navarra

K.229 Tango (Clarinet, Cello & Piano)

K.229a Tango (Accordion & String Quartet)

K.230 Valencian Melody

K.231 Melody in D minor

K.232 mini study and variation (unacc. flute)

K.233 Five Entertainments for Wind Quintet prem. Lucerne, Switzerland. 1st July, 2006.

K.234 The Big Overture (Orchestra) - pub. Samuel King

K.234a The Big Overture (10 instruments)

K.234b The Big Overture (Symphonic Wind Band) - pub. Samuel King

K.234c The Big Overture (2 Pianos) prem. Rudolf Steiner Theatre, London by Sandro Ivo Bartoli & Alexander Kelly

K.400 Three Preludes for Piano - pub. Bardic Edition prem. QEH, London, Louis Demetrius Alvanis

K.401 Prelude No.1, French Prelude - pub. Bardic Edn

K.402 Prelude No.2, Spanish Prelude - pub. Bardic Edn

K.403 Prelude No.3, Russian Prelude - pub. Bardic Edn

K.404 Prelude No.4, Scottish Prelude prem. St John's Smith Sq, London, Louis D. Alvanis

K.405 Prelude No.5, German Prelude

K.406 Prelude No.6, English Prelude

K.407 Prelude No.7

K.408 Prelude No.8, Gymnopedie

K.409 Prelude No.9

K.421 Petruchio Fanfare - pub. Bardic Edn

K.550 Meditation for String Orchestra

K.551 Prelude after Shostakovich (String Orch.)

K.552 Three Virtuosic Studies for Violin (unacc.)

K.556 Sonatina for Cello prem. David Johnstone, Steiner House, Baker Street, London.

K.557 Elegy (Vc) - pub. Bardic Edn

K.558 Scherzo (Vc)

K.559 Postlude (Vc)

K.560 Does it Matter? (Baritone & Piano)

K.561 Trance (Clarinet solo), prem. Purcell Room, London. M. Waterman (Clarinet)

K.562 Three pieces for solo unacc. Clarinet, prem. Sydney Conservatorium, Andrew Doyle

K.566 Prelude after Dostoyevsky (unacc. Flute)

K.567 Luminescence (unacc. vibraphone) prem. Michael Turtle, R.A.M., London 1979.

K.568 Moondance (Cl,Vln,Vc,Pno) - pub. Bardic Edn prem. R.A.M. London Conducted by the Composer.

K.569 Double Cross (unacc. oboe) - pub. Bardic Edn prem. Christopher Redgate, Purcell Room, London, 1982

K.570 Piano Sonata No.1 "Revolutionary" composed for, dedicated to and premiered by Louis D.Alvanis, prem. R.A.M.

K.571 Piano Sonata No.2 "Luminous" ded. & prem. Alvanis, Kensington Town Hall, London

K.572 Piano Sonata No.3 "Volcanic" ded. & prem. Alvanis, Purcell Room, London

K.573 Transitions (solo Piano) ded. & prem. Alvanis, St John's Smith Square, London

K.574 Ripostes (solo Piano) ded. & prem. Alvanis, St John's Smith Square, London

K.575 Piano Piece No.6

K.576 Anti Zones (unacc. Vc) dedicated to & premiered by David Johnstone, R.A.M.

K.577 Trio (Cl, Vln & Pno) prem. Purcell Room, London

K.578 Chiaroscuro (2 violins & pno) prem. Leighton House, London

K.579 Spectra (Flute, Vibraphone & Piano)

K.580 Invasion for two Pianos prem. Duke's Hall, R.A.M. Composer & Michael Turtle

K.710 Melody in E minor, Andantino (fl & pno)

K.710a Andantino (fl & harp)

K.710b Andantino (fl & guit.)

K.711 Song of Summer

K.712 Golden Orchard

K.713 Transit of Venus

K.714 Highways and Byways

K.715 The Rockpool

K.716 The Seasons

K.717 The Shores of Summer

K.718 Midsummernight Solo

K.719 Enchanted Memories

K.720 Autumn Odyssey

K.721 Amber Passage

K.722 Leaves of Time

K.723 Winter Wanderer

K.724 Midwinter Morning Melody

K.725 Crystal Bells

K.726 The Spirit of Spring

K.727 Awakening

K.728 Melody of Life

K.850 Twelve Jazz Piano Pieces - pub. Samuel King

K.851 Opening Moves - pub. Samuel King

K.852 A Few Measures of F - pub. Samuel King

K.853 Raindrops - pub. Samuel King

K.854 Braziliana - pub. Samuel King

K.855 Take Three! - pub. Samuel King

K.856 Not Another Boogie-Woogie! - pub. Samuel King

K.857 Intermezzo - pub. Samuel King

K.858 Leaps and Bounds - pub. Samuel King

K.859 The Classical One - pub. Samuel King

K.860 A Little Rhythm - pub. Samuel King

K.861 Dreaming - pub. Samuel King

K.862 Service Not Included! - pub. Samuel King

K.863 Miniature Jazz Suite (Cl, Vc & Pno) dedicated & prem. Trio B3 Classic, Alcoy, Valencia

K.867 Three Jazz Etudes

K.872 Jazz Perpetuo (vln & pno)

K.872a Jazz Perpetuo (flute & ens.)

K.873 Seven Jazz Preludes for Clarinet & Piano

K.874 Foot-Stomping Blues

K.879 Cavatina

K.881 Seven Jazz Preludes for Flute & Piano

K.882 Allegretto in A minor

K.883 Sleepy-head Blues

K.884 Jazz K. Ilyich

K.885 Allegro Moderato

K.886 H.Moll's song

K.887 Blue Train

K.888 Finale

K.889 A Leopard sometimes does...

K.1000 Jazz Symphony in 33 Grooves (92 piece Orchestra)

K.1000a Jazz Symphony (2-Pianos)

K.1000b Jazz Symphony (60 piece Orchestra)

K.1200 Toccata in D major J S Bach arr J S FeBland (Clarinet, Cello & Piano)

K.1200a Toccata in D Bach arr FeBland (Clarinet, Bassoon & Piano)

K.1201 Etude for Left Hand (after Handel HWV 427)

K.1300 Breaking the Pattern

K.1301 So Often

K.1302 Solo in F major

K.1303 Again

K.1304 Quarter to Three

K.1305 Solo in G minor

K.1306 Always

K.1307 Skeleton Key

K.1308 Piano Solo Track 9

K.1309 Flute/Piano Track 10

K.1310 Slightly Mad World

K.1311 Seascape Postcard

K.1312 Kenyan Postcard

K.1313 Sunset Postcard

K.1314 Snowy Postcard

K.1315 Norwegian Postcard

K.1316 Sunlight Postcard

K.1317 Lake Postcard

K.1318 HK Postcard

K.1319 Indian Postcard

K.1320 Reykjavik Postcard

K.1321 Russian Postcard

K.1322 Song in A minor

K.1323 Bulgarian Postcard

K.1324 German Postcard

K.1325 Manner of Speaking

K.1326 Spanish Postcard

K.1327 Ayers Rock Postcard

K.1328 Canadian Postcard (Piano)

K.1328a Canadian Postcard (Vocal)

K.1329 London Postcard

K.1330 Caribbean Postcard

K.1331 Straight Lines

K.1376 Flute Etude #1

K.1377 17 genre-benders for Flute (unacc.)

K.1395 31 Fragments for Cello (unacc.) 

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