Rustic European Fare


200 Julia St, New Orleans






With regret we announce that we are closed for business as of Sunday July 10th. 


 We've enjoyed our year in New Orleans and we thank you for your business. 


Please visit our Houston location:

219 Westheimer Road







‘The industrialization--and brutalization--of animals in America is a relatively new phenomenon: no other country raises and slaughters its food animals quite as intensively or as brutally as we do. No other people in history has lived at quite so great a remove from the animals they eat.  Were the walls of our meat industry to become transparent we would not long continue to raise, kill and eat animals the way we do. Tail-docking and sow crates and beak-clipping would disappear overnight - for who could stand the sight? Yes, meat would get more expensive. We'd probably eat less of it too, but maybe when we did eat animals, we'd eat them with the consciousness, ceremony and respect they deserve.’


                                       Michael Pollan – ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma’

                              used with permission