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Link to Stöð 2 interview with Rannveig (sign language interpreted): http://www.visir.is/g/2017170629705/lektor-segir-skort-a-fjarmagni-og-jakvaedara-vidhorfi-gagnvart-islensku-taknmali

FEAST 2017

Reykjavík, June 21-22

University of Iceland

June 21, 2017

8.00-8.50: Registration

8.50-9.00: Welcome and opening

9.00-9.50: Joanna Atkinson - invited speaker (University College London): Challenges in designing tests for sign language assessment. [ABSTRACT]

9.50-10.20: Coffee break

10.20-11.00: Anne Wienholz, Derya Nuhbalaoglu, Annika Herrmann, Edgar Onea, Markus Steinbach and Nivedita Mani (Georg-August University, Goettingen): The contralateral affair – An ERP study on pointing preferences in German Sign Language. [ABSTRACT]

11.00-11.40: Karen Emmorey, Katherine Midgley and Phillip Holcomb (San Diego State University): Tracking the time course of sign recognition using ERP repetition priming. [ABSTRACT]

11.40-12.20: Philippe Schlenker (CNRS and NYU): Iconic Pragmatics: Signs vs. Gestures. [ABSTRACT]

12.20-13.30: Lunch break

13.30-14.10: Ronice Quadros (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina), Kathryn Davidson (Harvard University), Diane Lillo-Martin (University of Conneticut) and Karen Emmorey (San Diego State University): Depicting Signs in Bimodal Bilingual Code-Blending. [ABSTRACT]

14.10.-14.50: Ziyi Pan and Gladys Tang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong): Deaf Children’s Acquisition of the Phonetic features of Handshape in Hong Kong Sign Language (HKSL). [ABSTRACT]

14.50-15.10: Poster presentations (see information below)

15.10-16.20: Coffee break and poster session (see information below)

16.20-17.00: Giorgia Zorzi (Pompeu Fabra University): Gapping vs VP-ellipsis in Catalan Sign Language (LSC). [ABSTRACT]

17.00-17.40: Enoch Aboh, Marloes Oomen and Roland Pfau (University of Amsterdam): High and low negation in Sign Language of the Netherlands. [ABSTRACT

17.50-18.30: Business meeting

20.00: Social dinner at Bergsson Restaurant, in Grandi (for further information see Venue and Travel Info). Registration now open (see link under FEAST 2017 Home).

June 22, 2017

9.00-9.40: Charlotte Hauser (Paris Diderot) and Carlo Geraci (Institut Jean-Nicod): Relativization strategies in French Sign Language LSF. [ABSTRACT]

9.40-10.20: Natasha Abner (Montclair State University), Elena Koulidobrova (Central Connecticut State University), Ronnie Wilbur (Purdue University), and Dr. Sandra Wood (University of Southern Maine): When beat is exceed: verbal comparison in American Sign Language. [ABSTRACT]

10.20-10.50: Coffee break

10.50-11.30: Laura Horton, Lilia Rissman, Susan Goldin-Meadow and Diane Brentari (University of Chicago): The Emergence of Agent-Marking Strategies in Child Homesign Systems. [ABSTRACT]

11.30-12.10: Jennie Pyers (Wellesley College) and Ann Senghas (Barnard College): The emergence of spatial language in Nicaraguan Sign Language: A transition from analogical to categorial forms? [ABSTRACT]

12.10-13.20: Lunch break

13.20-14.10: Chiara Branchini – invited speaker (University Ca' Foscari Venice): Digging up the core features of (non)restrictiveness in sign languages relative constructions. [ABSTRACT]

14.10-14.50: Wenjing Zhao, Pan Ziyi and Gladys Tang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong): The Perception of Handshapes in the Hong Kong Sign Language (HKSL). [ABSTRACT]

14.50-15.30: Matic Pavlič (University of Nova Gorica): The dominant and non-dominant hand movement in Slovenian Sign Language locative constructions. [ABSTRACT]

15.30-15.50: Poster presentations (see information below)

15.50-17.00: Coffee break and poster session (see information below)

17.00-17.30: Josep Quer  (ICREA- Pompeu Fabra University) and Carlo Cecchetto (University Paris 8/CNRS & University of Milan-Bicocca): Contributions of SIGN-HUB to sign language research.

17.30-18.10: Vadim Kimmelman (University of Amsterdam): Null arguments, agreement, and classifiers in RSL. [ABSTRACT]

18.10-18.50: Philippe Schlenker (CNRS and NYU) and Jonathan Lamberton (CUNY): Iconic Plurality in ASL. [ABSTRACT]

18.50-19.00: Closing session



June 21, 2017

Eva Gutiérrez-Sigut, Marta Vergara-Martínez, Ana Marcet and Manuel Perea (Universitat de València): Automatic use of phonological codes during word recognition in deaf signers of Spanish Sign Language. (first alternate) [ABSTRACT]

Francie Manhardt, Susanne Brouwer, Beyza Sümer, Dilay Z. Karadöller, and Asli Özyürek (Radboud University Nijmegen & Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics Nijmegen): The Influence of Iconic Linguistic Expressions on Spatial Event Cognition across Signers and Speakers: An Eye-Tracking Study. (second alternate) [ABSTRACT]

Chuck Bradley and Huda Nassar (Purdue University): Rapid processing of ELAN data: quick and dirty numbers for statistical analysis of non-manual features. [ABSTRACT]

Justyna Kotowicz (Pedagogical University, Cracow), Bencie Woll (University College London), Rosalinda Herman (City University London), Magda Schromová (University of Warsaw), Maria Kielar-Turska (Jagiellonian University) and Joanna Łacheta (University of Warsaw): Executive function in deaf native signing children: the relationship of language experience and cognition. [ABSTRACT]

Caroline Bogliotti (Paris Nanterre University & CNRS), Celine Fortuna (Paris 8 University) and Aliyah Morgenstern (Sorbonne Nouvelle University & PRISMES Lab): Sentence Repetition Task in French Sign Language: a new approach to assess LSF abilities. [ABSTRACT]

Süleyman S. Tasci (Koc University & Bogazici University), Beyza Sumer (Koc University), and Sumeyye Eker (Koc University): Comparison of iconicity judgments by Deaf signers and hearing non-signers. [ABSTRACT]

June 22, 2017

Lara Mantovan, Beatrice Giustolisi and Francesca Panzeri (University of Milan-Bicocca): Signing Irony in LIS. [ABSTRACT

Laetitia Puissant-Schontz, Martine Sekali and Caroline Bogliotti (Université Paris Nanterre & Laboratoire MODYCO – CNRS): Assessing morphosyntactic skills in LSF (French Sign Language): focus on predicative structures. [ABSTRACT]

Kazumi Matsuoka (Keio University), Uiko Yano (Japan Deaf Evangel Mission) and Kazumi Maegawa (Kwansei Gakuin University): Modal-negation interactions in Japanese Sign Language. [ABSTRACT]

Sandra Wood (McDaniel College): Never Say Never: You never know what it might mean. [ABSTRACT]

Julia Krebs (University of Salzburg), Evie Malaia (Purdue University), Ronnie Wilbur (Purdue University) and Dietmar Roehm (University of Salzburg): The processing of locally ambiguous classifier constructions in Austrian Sign Language (ÖGS). [ABSTRACT

Elisabeth Volk (University of Göttingen): Palm-up: It’s not all about give and take. [ABSTRACT]

Annemarie Kocab (Harvard University), Ann Senghas (Barnard College) and Jesse Snedeker (Harvard University): The emergence of recursion in Nicaraguan Sign Language. [ABSTRACT]

Contact: feast2017@easychair.org