FEA State Conference 2012


Sue Glascoe
Mesa Community College
Math Department

Website: http://tech4mathed.com/
Twitter:  tech4mathed
Email:  tech4mathed.sg@gmail.com
LinkedIn:  Sue Glascoe

I will be giving a hands-on workshop on the use of the Livescribe smarpen to keep students engaged in their learning. 

The three main topics I will be covering area as follows:


Livescribe pencasts  as a quick an easy way to answer questions, create quick examples and have students explain their work with sound and animation.  Livescribe Smartpen Introduction
Uses inside the classroom
Uses outside the classroom
JING Jing screen shots/ screen casts as a free way to show students an image of your screen or a short (5 min) “how to” video.  Students can also utilize this tool to send their instructor screen shots or video questions.  Jing Introduction
Uses outside the classroom
 DROPBOXDropbox is a free tool that can be used to have students turn in large file assignments or the teacher share large documents with students. Dropbox Introduction
Uses outside the classroom