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Bully..........Emotionallly Hijacked ...........?

posted Mar 26, 2011, 1:46 PM by Robb Buckland

7 Fighting Ranges







Grappling Defense

Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance”-The Killer Elite

  Train from different fighting ranges for optimum impact potential . Your 'spider sense' will alert you when the distance is right and when it's wrong. You should know where your trigger is . For the purpose of the next drill we'll stay outside your opponents longest weapon. From here we'll create the fighters box .Imagine drawing 3 lines ; the first is the attackers firing line, then the defenders firing line and between the two is the critical distance line .

The Critical distance line is the range at which an opponent senses immediate danger of an impending strike or position pressure from an opponent; the point at which an opponent chooses to react .
  Ok so we are trained we practice for hours, months , years . Then under durress we rant , finger point and give up the center line and end up on our heels . How do we avoid this ?
  A former student verbally attacked me in a bar recently, making all of these critical errors. Was this 'emotionally hijacked' ,120 pound liquid courage fueled individual insane ? (Probably) ...... Drunk ? (yes) ..........Or was there a flaw in the FEARS  training methodology ? (doubtful) 
  As a rule in FEARS training, we address the adrenal stress response and put students in scenarios that push the limits of the natural 'fight or flight' response. 
   From the first day, we teach 'establishing a lead'.......................... 

   Hands up , looks like a surrender position. Sends the message 'take my wallet just let me keep the pictures of my kids.' This position actually moves your hands unobtrusively closer to the target , disrupts the opponents view of your center line and the forearms create a bone barrier protecting the rib cage.

   I can actually hit harder and practice exploding into the attacker from a hands down position . For you ….for now HANDS UP !

   We attack and defend the center line simultaneously. Once you make contact , maintain constant forward pressure and stay on target .

Pretend inferiority and Encourage his Arrogance...” -The Art of War

     I was more disappointed in the students' lack of retention than the very public belligerent display by this 'emotionally hijacked' individual . In the last post on bullying we talk about the general pscych profile of this type of individual.
"Innocence plays in the backyard of ignorance "