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And the Walls come Tumbling Down...

posted Aug 23, 2012, 8:20 AM by Robb Buckland

He that respects himself is safe from others;

 he wears a coat of maille that none can pierce.

 - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -

 We weren’t born into this world with fears of failure or being emotionally walled off.
 Children know no limitations until we point them out to them.
There was once a time in your life when your dreams knew no limitations,
 when you were free to take risks, and even if you fell down, you were able to get back up.
The Comeback 
In 1983 at the age of 39, Joe Lewis launched a comeback which saw him earn a top-10 PKA world ranking.
In his bid for a title, Lewis defeated T. Morrison, Charlton Young, Melvin Cole and Curtis Crandal.
 On April 16, Lewis lost to Tom Hall in an upset.
 On August 10, Lewis suffered a 4th round (TKO) loss to US heavyweight champion Kerry Roop for the PKA US heavyweight title.
 Lewis retired after the defeat.
Joe Lewis's competitive career in kickboxing and PKA full-contact karate ended with a combined record of 15 wins and 4 losses.
 In 1990, Lewis (198 lbs) fought one last exhibition kickboxing/karate match with friend Bill Wallace (166 lbs) on pay per view.
 Both Lewis and Wallace were refused a boxing license because of their age and fought to a draw. 
  I realized what I was missing in my 'Spiritual Journey',

and what kept pulling me back to my old, familiar, negative thinking,

 feeding the insecure wolf, was faith.

I had allowed 'someone I used to know' to strip me of my confidence and self esteem,

 causing me to forget what was truely important in my life.


I tried to be agreeable and it had transformed me into something ugly and submissive...at times I didn't recognize myself. 

I would attempt to be accommodating; however when alone, I was caught up in self-pity and resentment.

 This Blog and surrounding myself with people who appreciate and celebrate me,

 not those who manipulate or merely tollerate me, was the first step on my road to rediscovering the

 'Power Within'

Teachers / mentors come in many forms; everyone that touches our lives is a teacher.


Some of my instructors taught me technique while others taught me about how to fight.

 In other words,

some trainers are good at teaching “style” and.....

 others are better at developing ones “substance.”

A fighter needs both.

- Joe Lewis -

Fortunately, fear is a learned response that has been built up over time, which means that it can be unlearned!

When we allow ourselves to realize that the fear isn’t real, we get to make a different choice.

 We can choose to find the love instead.

 Feed the loving wolf !