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3 Reasons you will never have the body you want

posted May 7, 2011, 4:27 PM by Robb Buckland


"You can have anything you want in life... you just can't have everything"


   If you don't have the body you want right now, there are 3 reasons why it's so - and ONLY 3 reasons.

   Fix these, nip 'em in the bud, and you're 99.9% of the way there. 


   1.  Getting a better body isn't important to you on your list of priorities. 

       In other words, it'd be NICE, but you've decided that its either TOO HARD, or takes too much time, or it's to slow or any number of the other reasons that you tell yourself
       to validate the fact that you just DON'T WANT IT bad enough. ... and this makes you feel better.

       The Fix:  Make it a goal.  Write it down.  Put it on your
                       list of must do's this year.
2.  A failure to put first things first.

       This is HUGE... and I myself run into this every single day.

       Here is where LIFE gets in the way.  You end up putting out fires and getting into your daily groove and completeley blow over your workout for the day... promising youll get to it the next day. ... which doesn't happen, because the next day goes just like the first.

       Remember, life happens and most of our jobs and lives have us in reactive mode putting out fires for our bosses and customers, leaving little to no time for you to actually progress in the projects that have the most upside.I can see you nodding your head right now because this is how it is at most jobs.  You've got an important project you need to be working on but "important" things keep coming up.(phone calls, meetings, etc)  You know what I mean.

       Fix:  Start putting first things first.  Make sure to get your most important things done FIRST in the day.


  I'm the same way... NOW  (it took a struggle) Getting in the shape I want is important to me so I make sure that it's the FIRST thing I do morming is toI make sure to get all of my important stuff done before the phone calls and emails hit the inbox . Think about this, when you're in an airplane and the oxygen masks come down, what do they tell you to do?

             "Please remember to secure YOUR OWN mask before you help someone else with theirs"

              I know you like helping people, but the fact is that the BETTER you are as a person, the more resources, the more energy, more influence that you cultivate, the  MORE you can help others.

              That's the power of putting first things first The RESULT:  I'm in better shape now than I've ever been in. (finances look better too actually.) Remember to always put first things first.

   3.  Lack of a proven system for success.

       This one's easy and the real reason franchised businesse shave a 90% success rate after 5 years and traditional new businesses only about a 10%...... it's the SYSTEMS.

       The systems are always the HARD part, and testing and tweaking takes time..... and for most of us, it's simply time we just don't have.

       I mean, WHO REALLY wants to surf the internet for 4 hours  a day looking up and comparing diet and fitness advice It's all confusing.  It all contradicts.

       Everyone tells you to look at the big picture:

       "But the problem with talking about the big picture is that the big picture is ALWAYS BIGGER than anyone can picture"

       There really aren't too many independent variables in life. Most of the time, if you change one thing, something else changes.  It may be subtle, but it still changes.


       Research proves any and everything in a multitude of different directions and relying on JUST YOURSELF to wade through and pick apart - laboriously trying out everything one step at a time is just too much of a pain.

       So you keep reading. You keep looking. You keep finding conflicting advice - which keeps you from doing anything.  Because you want your program, the "baby" that you've created for yourself to be PERFECT before you start. But why? What does that get you?  NOTHING.  Because you never start.

   Look, instead of burning up all of your precious time researching what can and should work, why not just read our blogs try our FEARS Combat Fitness Systems a couple times a week and put them to the test.
  3 things are holding you back.
   1.  Make it a priority

   2.  Put first things first

   3.  Get a proven system


   Just remember, "you can have anything you want, but you just can't have everything"

   You have to decide what's important.