• AVENGEME: R code for power calculations and estimation of genetic models from polygenic scores.  Dudbridge F (2013) PLoS Genet 9:e1003348, Palla L and Dudbridge F (2015) Am J Hum Genet 97:250-259
  • UNPHASED 3.1: Association analysis in nuclear families and unrelated subjects, allowing for missing genotype data and uncertain haplotypes, with a wide range of analysis options. Dudbridge F (2008) Hum Hered 66:89-98
  • UNPHASED 2.404: Older version of UNPHASED, including pedigree disequilibrium tests. Dudbridge F (2003) Genet Epidemiol 25:115-21
  • UMVCUE: R code for an unbiased estimator of odds ratios following a genomewide association scan with replication. Bowden J and Dudbridge F (2009) Genet Epidemiol 33:406-18
  • PELICAN: A graphical editor for creating pedigree files and diagrams. Dudbridge F et al. (2004) Bioinformatics 20:2327-8
  • RTP: C code for calculating significance of truncated products of P-values. Dudbridge F and Koeleman BPC (2003) Genet Epidemiol 25:360-6
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