1st Brigade Illinois Volunteers
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Federal Head-Quarters Company
A Member of the 1st Brigade Illinois Volunteers
Cavalry Chief -Major Martines, Chief-of-Staff - Brigadier General Dellinger,  AAG -Captain Fratt, 
 OOD - Captain Carle
Mission Statement
The Federal Head-Quarters Company is an organization that provides educational resources that focus on the United States Army Head-Quarters Organization that was implemented during the War of the Rebellion a.k.a. the American Civil War. This organization impression portrays a Head-Quarters Company scaled down to assist the reenacting community that follows Regulation Federal Army standards from 1861 to 1865.
The Federal Head-Quarters Company provides the 1st Brigade Illinois Volunteers Association with a unified administrative guidance for reenacting on battlefield combat scenarios or in encampments pertaining to accurate impressions of units, individuals and situations.
Also, at Living History events in Illinois and/or at National Civil War Events the Federal Head-Quarters Company fills the need for a center of communications between membership units of the 1st Brigade Illinois Volunteers and the event administrators and/or other military commands.


The function of the Federal Head-Quarters Company is to provide the logistics of encampment, event coordination and battlefield planning with safety procedures.  Headquarters utilizes the experience of proven reenacting command officers who have lead combat situations and understand the dynamics of battlefield maneuvering following the 1861 to 1865 impression of commands and maneuvers. 
 The Logistical aspects encompass setting up an encampment and assuring the event coordinators that a good battle for the spectators will occur. The Head-Quarters work with event coordinators to make sure all reenactors have the necessary amenities and are trained for safe reenactment using black powder and firing at close contact with others. 
Head-Quarters also works with each command to ensure that all firearms and ammunition are checked for safety and each individual is trained for proper usage of rifles, pistols, bayonets and swords respectively.