About Me

I am a philosopher specializing in philosophy of science and epistemology. I am currently Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University College Dublin's School of Philosophy, as part of the project When Experts Disagree.

I am also finishing up some teaching at the University of Iceland, and I've just finished some independent research funded by The Icelandic Centre for Research’s Non-Fiction Writer’s Fund.

I completed a Ph.D. in philosophy at UNC Chapel Hill in 2014, under the supervision of Marc Lange. My MA was earned in 2011 under the supervision of Matt Kotzen.

Before Chapel Hill, I earned a B.A. in philosophy (while also studying some math and logic) at the University of Iceland and the University of Gothenburg.


Most of my research is in epistemology and philosophy of science, specifically on issues concerning the role of explanatory considerations in scientific inferences, scientific progress and scientific realism. I often take a somewhat formal, probabilistic approach in the hope that doing so will clarify the issues, precisify competing accounts, and provide a framework in which solutions can be rigorously argued for.

However, I also have various other interests in philosophy, e.g. in normative ethics, metaethics, metaphysics, early modern philosophy (especially Descartes and Hume), and the history of 20th century philosophy of science. I have a special interest in moral dilemmas and the implication of Buridan's Ass-type cases for normative philosophy.

More on my research page


I am currently finishing up some teaching Ethics of Science and Research at the University of Iceland. Last fall I taught Introduction to Epistemology, and before that I taught a couple of courses at the University of Iceland and Bifröst University respectively.

At UNC I've taught an online introduction to philosophy, an historical introduction to philosophy ("Great Works") and an introduction to philosophy of science.

I've also taught a course in philosophy at Reykjavik Latin School (Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík), and TA'd for various courses at UNC and the University of Iceland.

More on my teaching page.