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DO NOT pay anyone to do this for you - Many of our members, associates, friends, and family have already reached out to us about how they were defrauded, and then an attorney took their income following the fraud and did nothing for them. The mortgages, court cases, and ongoing foreclosure filings are coming up fraudulent with Robo signed Assignments, forged signatures, falsified litigation documents, and fabricated documentation to fool the courts, court clerks, and anyone who is trying to investigate the mass fraud that has infiltrated our entire system. ALL of our lives now revolve around this mass fraud, and for those who felt comfortable putting their John Hancock onto it "without hesitation" will eventually find themselves very alone, without friends, and damning themselves to extremely bad karma for the rest of their lives. Once you touch it you can never go back, and you are tainted for life. NONE of these cases which have successfully procured a 'fraudulent judgment, following the fraudulent loan' will stand up to future legal scrutiny. The buyers are in store for the next nightmare wave.

The ONLY DEMONS present in our current Society are "Mindless - non-human CORPORATIONS" filled with disciples who serve tyrannical extermination of their neighbors. Fitting the very same agenda featured in the movies called "PURGE". WHY would YOUR neighbor care if you are being defrauded. There's a 'purge" alright, and it's at the hands of ANYONE WHO HAS DARED TO TOUCH FRAUD...

We are now looking at ALL records filed in Court, at the recorders office, cross referencing from which LARGE US v. BIG BANK cases, and notifying the District Attorney, Attorney General, Community Residents in which we have already done so since 2009. NOW in light of our easily discovered findings, we are reviewing ALL foreclosure judgments since over 75% were fraudulent to begin with. 

THEY CHANGED THE LOAN NUMBERS! To CUT the TRAIL to the Cases they came from. How simple criminals work. (great example)
They are ALL very sloppy, care free, commonplace, and very matter of fact about the lives they have chosen individually and as a group to destroy "without hesitation", very malicious, with zero regard for human life. EVERYONE we know is 100% disgusted and planning to leave this region. We agree if there is no protection nobody can fair well except criminals. So that means eventually all the criminals will reside here and all of honest people will gladly escape. If you touched it and did nothing...YOU are just as guilty as those who committed the original crimes of fraud. All people who failed our community - You sealed "YOUR OWN" future through indifference and complacency. GOOD LUCK! 

Read for yourself what is going on in some of the cases we have read and cannot believe either.


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