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Our Founder is a former Bank Litigator - Judgment Enforcer - Legal Debt Collection Expert for over 35 years, (Certified in FDCPA since 1991) -Former NYS Realtor of 6 years, (now specializing in commercial property), - Former Bank Branch Manager. Some of her specialties include management in legal debt collection to enforcement, judgment execution, foreclosure, landlord/tenant, garnishments, liens, repossessions,  investigations, skip tracing, asset location, settlement negotiation, scofflaw,  seizures, restraints, contempt orders, case and document verification for suit, dispute resolution, fraud detection, identity theft. Fluent in all laws related to debt, lending, real estate, with specialties in commercial finance. Holding records of performance in many firms to this day that have not been broken. With finely tuned skills in legal debt  collection of all types of debt her success ratios remain a steady 9 out of 10 cases are settled by her without the need to flood the court system.

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