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Bill Collectors Failing to Comply with FDCPA? Bill Collector Abuse? Bill Collector Harassment? Foreclosure Fraud?
For The People!
Meet the Wrath Of Dawn - Spawned by Fraud in Debt Collection - All Debt
35 Year Veteran of the Legal Debt Collection Industry March 1982 - Present
Certified by American Collectors Association in FDCPA since 1991 ~ FDCPA Expert Witness Testimony provided on all consumer debt cases of any kind - upon review. Debt Collector Abuse? Call us!
Free foreclosure review (pro-se)
Prior successful Testimony for:
FTC - Oil and Gas Lease Lottery Program -
Program shut down - Scams exposed
NYS Attorney General (ADA Bradford) testimony provided - scam artist goes down!
NJ Bergen County Prosecutors- $800K Scam goes down!
3 ARRESTED - NO BAIL! on NJ Mod scam! Fed. Crime Case
Commonwealth of Pa. (property Taxes/identity theft)
Florida State Attorney (Prosecution/fraud/nsf skips)
Florida Fraud Division/Broward Sheriff- Fraud/Investigations/criminal
NYS Ins. Fund - Execution of judgments
Dept. Of Education - Gov. Stud. Loans (US)
Trump Apartments/Judgments executed by me personally
D. Sears - aka - Dawn Knight
Your only friend in Legal Debt Collection
AngelAnimalTransport - 631-894-4414 10am to 10pm 7 days Div. MGE
On The Record!
Legal Debt Collection - Judgment Execution Specialist since March 1982 - Present. Law Firm Manager, Exec. Legal Assistant, Hands on Litigator, Judgment Execution Specialist. Internal Investigator, Skip Tracer, Asset Locator, Fraud Investigator. Still presently executing judgments p/t for select attorneys. AND...ALL fees earned by her work go directly to church and non profit humanitarian causes! Tax Deductible.

Chat now with a 35 yr Legal Debt Collection Expert
Fireside Chat - Legal Debt Collection Expert  no password needed - pull up a log...Join in protecting humans!
She'll NEVER stop the fight for what is right. She still loves the legal Debt Collection business BUT...now it's 2016 - 2020 OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP! Walk tall and carry a big broom! Debt Clean-Up - Hosted by Church and Non Profit Services: Our Founder is a former Bank Litigator - Judgment Enforcer - Legal Debt Collection Expert for over 35 years, (Certified in FDCPA since 1991 - of the first 3500 in the nation to become certified in FDCPA Law) -Former NYS Realtor - Former Bank Branch Manager. In 2009 she left the corporate world and has become devoted to humanitarian, non profit, and spiritual/religious causes. Debt Collection to litigation is offered in house at your company - reduced rates without third party involvement. Finely tuned process and methods are applied yielding far better results with accounts sitting delinquent. You will not find this service anywhere else. 
D. Sears MGE - FDCPAExpertWitness.org 516-847-2209
Award Winning Top Performer - Record Setter - 9 out 10 success ratio - Currently accepting Clients for factoring placements for collection, and or expert witness testimony. Once a case is reviewed the fraud or violations will be exposed. Bondable - Insurable - Able to pass a background check. Fees go to humanitarian causes. Will Beat Any Rate!

Testimony that can win the case for those abused by the debt collection industry.
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