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"CROWD-FRAUDING" Humans v. Non-Humans 
Modified? Foreclosed on? Defrauded? 
Foreclosure Fraud? Take Action At Any Time!
Read for yourself: Appellate Court Reversed Supreme Court Decision to allow foreclosure:
A simple look-up to print our County property records revealed more than (10) ROBO SIGNED "Assignments of Mortgages", in direct violation of the the National Mortgage Settlement: IS YOURS ONE OF THEM, like "ours" is? 
Fireside Chat...Pull up a log
Nassau County: Link Property Records
Notary Fraud: Link Examples
Assignments filed in December of 2010. All 10 filings were in a row and entered in less than one minute. Which means it took all of a single minute to defraud 10 families,  totaling $2million + in property values. One minute. The mathematics of fraud are astounding... 

Florida: Look at what is going on! FLA FRAUD
YOU'VE HEARD OF "CROWD-FUNDING"?...WELL NOW WE HAVE "CROWD-FRAUDING" (the more technical term of todays 'Rape and Pillage' of the people) Continues and is thriving...

You cannot call it anything else, when you have a pipeline of more than 100 people working on each case from origination to litigation of the fraud. (actual average in fraudulent notes sold by various cases filed against them for it) upon review People, (they look like people but they don't act like people) literally jumping on the band wagon of fraud. People (?) who are 100% game to put 'their name" on fraud and "certify" it's true, when in fact it is not. Do not just take our word for it. Go to the County records of your town, court, or call the pro se dept. of the court near you for assistance.

The Cases currently filed in Supreme Court Nassau, NY are fraudulent, contain falsified material documents, forgery robosigned, and more. None reviewed so far are "verified" for suit, and would not have been approved for suit, because the flaws are incurable. The homeowner does NOT agree with them, nor did they sign them. They are NOT VERIFIED COMPLAINTS, instead they are 'FRAUD ON THE COURTS" in a routine fashion of submission by "the DEBT COLLECTOR FIRMS and it is rampant. 

Roughly 100 ruthless people join in the pipeline against each family/fraudulent loan - Families are outnumbered severely. All cases we have reviewed were "routine", and the robosigned Assignments were filed in the County recorders records without hesitation, knowing they were fraudulent as outlined in detail in the U.S. v. The Banks many cases involving these specific loans during 2006 - 2009, leading to the mass fraud infiltrating the Courts with the 2nd tier of continued fraud, fraudulent unverified suits intentionally created to deceive, for the purpose of profiting on fraud. Shortest story ever told.

They changed the LOAN NUMBERS multiple times to "cut the trail" to the original loan number. To conceal these particular loans from authorities prosecuting them for fraud, and 20 other major cases  = Contrived confusion to profit on the fraud.

(1)Intrinsic fraud-in Origination is the main component and common denominator within the many cases already reviewed (and personally sat in on in Supreme Nassau)-(In debt collection and legal process this would render a case uncollectible and unable to sue - deemed criminal now since 2012 by the Attorney General of the State Of New York. Yet instead legal debt collection has now resorted to blatant FDCPA Fraud on the Courts, (and against the homeowner intentionally with malice), fabrication, forgery, concealment, obstruction, and more to effect fraudulent judgments throughout the entire court system as demonstrated well in California with 168,000 bogus judgments being vacated by Attorney General Harris), followed by the 
(2)Sale of the fraudulent Notes, to 
(3)Assignment Fraud, then to 
(4)Debt Collection FDCPA Fraud which additionally shows dramatically inflated judgments being entered unlawfully. THEN...
New 3rd Party buys the entire fraud bringing it to a fifth level of 
(5)Purchasing Fraud...All 5 levels of fraud being committed for profit. Simultaneously defrauding the Courts, and Federal Government in the process of stealing millions of viable court hours interfering with the entire system. The violations are so unbelievably rampant and very brazen for two reasons. 1 - None of it will hold up to legitimate "legal scrutiny" at any point in the future, which is happening now. 2 - It's historic and not going away. 
STUPIDITY for Profit at it finest - a new plateau of "low IQ" who on scale of 1 - 10 (10 being the best at crime) come in at a about a 2 - because their comprehension levels show well in the very long criminal breadcrumb trail they left. Follow the breadcrumbs and you find the fraud. It's incredibly simple and easy to find...if you look.

ANYONE can access public records and easily see each filing in the courts, and the counties are fraudulent, unverified, and in dispute, or very disputable "had the owner known the true facts".

The mass homelessness is a result of a collapsed societal structure, following the collapse of the financial system which was destined to fail unfortunately. Many people did not realize how much so until they suddenly became homeless. The average citizen is led to believe they did it to themselves, right? NOBODY CARES is what we see.

Wrong...after reviewing and continuing to review hundreds of foreclosures filed in Supreme Court Nassau County, and Suffolk...our findings are absolutely shocking. Approximately 75% of all foreclosures filed in Long Island are fraudulent in many ways. From forged loan documents, to robo signed county records, and more.

Community Communication - NOW WE'RE INFORMING "YOU" as an important part of our community, society, and future. We feel allowing citizens to be victimized by fraud is unacceptable. Yet thousands of homeowners have lost their home due to intentional fraud for profit.

Upon review of hundreds of fraudulent mortgages it is also very obvious that the unsuspecting homeowner has no clue that these frauds, and forgeries have taken place without their knowledge. It has been concealed from them intentionally through contrived confusion, with fraud at the base of the inception, and or sale/assignment, etc. Fraud is "INCURABLE", and cannot be fixed by any mere debt collector or even litigator. 

To call a case a 'Verified Summons and Complaint' it has to be VERIFIED for real with the homeowner agreeing with the documentation contained in the file. If they are deprived, deceived, or betrayed by this process no fair due process can take place...which is exactly what is happening.

Upon review of court case submitted documentation, and the county recorders records (without really trying too hard to find things) we found many mortgages recorded to be fraudulent in too many ways to count. Many of them were already modified, furthering the fraud, and creating a way to also hide it indefinitely. The Court filers, clerical, law clerks, and judges do not know the cases are fraudulent from the start. The debt collection industry has now become very creative in conjuring up the necessary documentation to litigate these fraudulent mortgages without the Courts realizing they are indeed fraudulent. The depth of the fraud goes 10 levels deep, and once it's released to the public hundreds more jump on the band wagon to cash in on the fraud. We call this: CROWD-FRAUDING.

Those who cash in on fraud against another, or attempt to cash in on fraud against another human is committing the ultimate sin against their own community and humanity. We find it to be "atrocious", and absolutely inhumane. Five hundred years ago you would have been beheaded for doing this kind of criminal act. (Hmmmm heads on stakes...that's a lot of heads...)

How far have we come in 500 years if today your neighbor is running down to the court house steps to snatch up your property because you never knew you were "defrauded"? Pretty neighborly right?

That's the bad news...Ready for the GOOD NEWS?

In light of our findings, and the ease of finding these fraudulent cases (which increase daily) we want everyone to know what we know. IT'S ONLY FAIR - ALL PEOPLE WHO LIVE HERE SHOULD HAVE THE TRUE FACTS OF WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON IN THEIR COMMUNITY. 

NOTE: If you have accepted the involuntary life you have been handed, then please ignore this post. IF YOU ACTUALLY CARE what happens to your community then reach out to us to join in the effort to get ALL of these fraudulent Foreclosures (that should have NEVER been sued) CORRECTED, to the authorities attention to finally bring an end to "CROWD-FRAUDING of our citizens!
WE are mad as hell with our findings, and feel not enough is being done to protect  "the people", who make up each community. Our position is: HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO PEOPLE. AND furthermore, from us to all the vulturous ATTORNEYS willing to cash in on a defrauded citizen, by taking their money and doing nothing for them", well we view that as CROWD-FRAUDING too, and WE WILL TESTIFY in Court on behalf of citizens victimized this way.

ALL cases of fraud found are immediately reported to the appropriate authorities...by us, and historically since 1982 by Dawn personally for over 35 years now.

IF YOU think you may have been defrauded in the taking of your PROPERTY, please reach out to us now to explore what options exist to re-take the property back. We will review whatever was filed, or signed, filed for suit, etc., and point out to you where the fraud may be hidden.

OUR mission is to stop rampant debt collection abuse, and varieties of noncompliance to restore integrity to our system of debt collection methods and process. 
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Let's be crystal CLEAR. This Organization, Church, Non Profit, Founders, Members, Associates, and Supporters will NOT stand idle and watch our community and neighbors being defrauded. (Chat Live with us 10am to 10pm EST)
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Here is what an Expert Witness can do for a case
Excerpt: from link: 
The Sworn Motion was supported by a 34-page Affidavit of Marie McDonnell, the expert witness who was instrumental in the $5.4M jury verdict in Texas against Wells Fargo and the servicer where the jury found that Wells Fargo had engaged in fraud. The Florida case and the Texas case both involved New Century as the alleged “lender”, and in both cases Wells Fargo sought to foreclose.

Note from Dawn: I worked with both entities in management of lending, to litigation positions over 35 years of Law Firm management, Bank Management, and as a NYS Realtor of 6 years. I currently continue work for certain law firms, and entities in administrative servicing of receivables, to judgments. Including all aspects of debt collection. I can provide 3 way testimony on any case that is applicable.

Here is what a good Attorney can do for a case...
Posted on February 3, 2017 - by a really great Attorney "Jeff Barnes, Esq.", (someone we commend for his unrelenting efforts on behalf of citizens). Too bad he's not in NY :(
Today, a District Court in Fort Bend County, Texas has granted a homeowner’s emergency motion to cancel a foreclosure sale scheduled by JPMorgan Chase which sale was scheduled for February 7, 2017. The homeowner is represented by Jeff Barnes, Esq. (who drafted the Petition (Complaint), Emergency Motion for Temporary Restraining Order, and the TRO itself), and local Texas counsel J. Derek Winfrey, Esq.

The case centers around JPM’s alleged acquisition, from the FDIC, of a WaMu-originated loan via the FDIC Receivership of WaMu. The Petition recites the lack of any mortgage loan schedule to the Purchase and Assumption Agreement between JPM and the FDIC; the lack of any reference to mortgage loans in the P&AA; the inconsistent position taken by JPM in Federal litigation in which it claimed that it is not the successor in interest to WaMu; and the deposition testimony of former WaMu and JPM mortgage management employee Lawrence Nardi that there was never any schedule of mortgage loans as to loans (allegedly) acquired by JPM from the FDIC and that there were no assignments, allonges, or endorsements evidencing the transfer of any WaMu loans to JPM.
The case will now proceed into discovery.
see this Attorney's site: Jeff Barnes, Esq., (Texas) http://www.ForeclosureDefenseNationwide.com/

"CROWD-FRAUDING" Humans v. Non-Humans
Stand with your fellow "Humans" against the FRAUD of non-humans! New York tops U.S. in mortgage fraud...go figure

WE have ZERO SYMPATHY for corporations for profit. They are ruthless, mindless, heartless entities taking up precious space and time in our lives through manipulation, and dictation of the predestined consequences now, and on the horizon. LIFE is about "us" not them.

AFFIDAVIT IN SUPPORT of Order to Show Cause to Vacate a Default Judgment 
If you fail in Supreme Court: NY...Don't give up!
You go to Appellate: Court of Appeals of New York: 
No Attorney to help? Don't give up! File "Pro Se"(representing yourself if you have no attorney) in the Court the case is filed in:
  1. You Notify the other side immediately that you are filing an Order to show cause with Temporary restraint by phone/fax. In writing you date, time, and notate all of this as your statement, including index #, and your contact info, name, address, reach number. List the "name of who you spoke to, fax # you are faxing to, time of call/fax, and date/time you will be filing this. (Usually 2pm, or early morning is a good time to file at Supreme). Between 9-5 M-F are normal hours.
  2. Order to Show Cause with Temporary Restraining Order
  3. Certification with Emergency Affidavits
  4. Proof of Disputes, (copies of previous letters sent to the bank)
  5. Evidence of Forgery/Fraud/Robosigned or falsified/illegally sold
  6. Who the Originator/Underwriter/Seller or Purchaser if known
  7. Pay 'Court Filing Fee' ($50-) at County Clerk - Bring to Supreme Court to Stamp and File. You wait there until a Judge signs the "Temporary Restraining Order and the Order to show cause is accepted. You Overnight mail a copy of (all documents filed) to the Other Side, "again" or their Attorney handling it. 
  8. You also have the option to file for FREE: Pauparis - Poor Persons fee waiver - use it if you have to!  Find in public folder
County Recorder: PRINT OUTS - Deeds - Assignments - Satisfactions - Transfers - Quiet Titles - Grant Deeds +
all residents are entitled to view these filings - Protect your rights now
Main NY Court site for Free Forms:
2009 Mortgage Foreclosure Law - Overview  -  from http://www.dfs.ny.gov/banking/mfl2009.htm
Links to more free info:


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