National Prohibition Act of 1920

Prohibition was the 18th amendment of the United States, which prohibited the transportation, sale, and manufacture of intoxication liquors. The 18th amendment was ratified in January 16, 1919 and was put into effect in January 17, 1920.
    People were still able to posses legally if prescribed by a doctor, so many doctors took advantage of the situation. Speakeasies were another way to acquire alcohol at the time. Many gangsters paid people to transport liquor to their speakeasy. Most of the officers hired to raid the speakeasies were usually bribed.
     Needless to say, the 18th amendment was not a success. So, the 21st amendment was ratified on December 5 1933, after nearly 14 years. The 21st amendment revoked the 18th amendment, thus alcohol was once again legal. However, some states kept prohibition until the 1960’s.

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