PhD Students



My research work for the last few years has been concerned with the design, implementation, and evaluation of advanced information access systems for unstructured information. 

In this general area of research my work has been concentrated (at one time or another in my career) on the following topics:

  • Information Retrieval Models: modelling of the uncertainty in the indexing and matching processes using formal models;
  • Distributed Information Retrieval: modelling resource description, resource selection and results fusion;
  • Information Filtering: use of soft computing techniques for adaptive query-document matching;
  • Digital Libraries:  distributed digital libraries and use of speech for interactive information access;
  • Mobile Information Access: access to information using mobile terminals and small screen devices.
  • Text Mining: mining heterogeneous text archives or user-generated content;
  • Hypermedia: automatic authoring of hypertext and hypermedia using techniques of link discovery.
See my projects web page for examples of current and past work on these topics. Also see the pages of my research group for the work of my PhD students.