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Rami Abouatallah


 Dr. Rami M. Abouatallah
 Manager, Advanced Stack Technology

 Hydrogenics Corporation

 220 Admiral Boulevard, Mississauga, Ontario, L5T 2N6

Presentation Title:

Next Generation Fuel Cell Power Systems: Advancements in Stack and Balance of Plant Architecture


Advancements in Hydrogenics' fuel cell stack technology have provided significant performance and durability improvements; however, success with stack technology is only a portion of the advancements required to enable the entry of fuel cells into commercial markets.  System durability and reliability, combined with stack and balance-of-plant cost reductions, are equally important and are key barriers to entry for successful commercialization.

Hydrogenics’ HyPM® fuel cell power modules are built upon the proprietary non-humidified system architecture that was introduced across the entire HyPM® series of power products in 2009.  Leveraging advancements in fundamental fuel cell stack technology, combined with the latest advancements in overall system design, the next generation HyPM® power module family builds on Hydrogenics' combined stack and system design expertise.  This presentation will show the latest performance and durability results which showcase long life, non-humidified operation in excess of 13,000 hours of operation with minimal system performance loss. Furthermore development steps towards a highly simplified and integrated stack and balance-of-plant system will be shown.

Biographical Sketch:

Rami Abouatallah
received his Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering at the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His doctoral thesis focused on the catalytic activity of nickel in the presence of vanadium species during alkaline water electrolysis. Dr. Abouatallah joined Hydrogenics Corporation in 2002 where he has been leading the MEA and GDM material evaluation and stack durability programs for PEM fuel cell and PEM electrolysis stack development. In addition, he has been leading the development of stack diagnostic tools and procedures. Dr. Abouatallah has participated in multiple customer and government-funded projects. Dr. Abouatallah now manages the Advanced Stack Technology team at Hydrogenics. He is a licensed professional engineer and Adjunct with the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada