Gorge 2014

Suzanne's Crew

Irina's Crew

Cranberry 2014

Race 1

Race 2

Race 3

San Francisco Aug 2nd - Race Round The Rock Alcatraz! - Barb's Crew

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San Francisco Aug 2nd - Race Round The Rock Alcatraz! - Irina's Crew

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Practice on April 13th - Bell Can

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Crazy Eights 2014 - The Wet One

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25th FCRCC anniversary dinner

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Length of the Lake 2010

Crew: S2, Barb, Tina, Klaus (aka. Bav), S^3, Howard (aka. Johnson), Jen, Carolyn, Nestor, Stu, Hector, Emily

Vernon Freshwater Challenge 2010

Long Course Crew

Crew: Barb, Tina, S2, Sarah, Hector, Emily,Johnson, Bav, Nestor

Short Course Crew

Crew: Mary, Carolyn, Diana, Lisa, Dani, Norm, Tim, Oliver, Stu

FCRCC RD post-Vernon tradition

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March Time Trial

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2010 Torch Relay by Canoe & Dragon Boat in False Creek


Day of the long boat 2009

Men’s & Women’s Final

Mixed Final

Catalina Channel Crossing US Championships 2009

Crew: Barb, Christina, Susan, Suzanne, Sarah, Emily, Hector, Xavier, Ron
Escort boat support: Norm, Diana, Stu

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Vernon Freshwater Challenge 2009


Long Course Crew

Crew: Barb, Christina, Susan, Suzanne, Emily, Sarah, Stu, Xavier, Ron


Short Course Crew

Crew: Diana, Carol, Meghan, Carolyn, Rachael, Hector, Tim, Lee, Norm


Ama Cam Short and Long Course Crew


Norm's Vernon tradition


RD post-Vernon tradition


Practice May 31


Jeff's boat:

Crew: Hector, Chris, Nestor, Suzanne, Jeff


Emily's boat:

Crew: Christina, Carol, Susan, Xavier, Tony, Emily

Pat's boat:

Crew (before swap): Barb, Christina, Lee, Stu, Xavier, Pat
Crew(after swap): Barb, Sarah, Ron, Stu, Lee, Pat

Ron's boat:

Crew: Sarah, Susan, Emily, Carol, Tony, Ron


Random Practice in March

 Crew: Barb, Xavier, Jeff, Lee, Brenda?, Stu

 Crew: Sarah, Carol, Godfrey, Hector, Brian, Ron


Vernon Freshwater Challenge 2008

Crew: Barb, Christina, Diana, Emily Joyce, David, Lamont, Ron, Norm

Water Changes 1


Water changes 2


Water Changes 3



Vernon Freshwater Challenge 2007

You can see our crew jump into the boat.

Race Start

Lotus race

RD had two crews in this race, a men and a mixed crew, the mixed one hulied right at the start line :-(

FCRCC RD at Lotus

Lotus RD Huli

Note, it took longer than 1 min to get the boat back running, the video was cut... In the video someone asks whether we would still finish, yes we did! Got in last though.

Lotus RD Huli

Lotus RD Men

Lotus RD Men