Previous Winners
Season 1 Winner  : Cam S.
 Season 2 Winner  : Cam S.
 Season 3 Winner  : Stuart M.
 Season 4 Winner  : Freddy P.
Season 5 Winner: Aaron B
Season 5 Sept 11th, 2013 to March 12th, 2014
 Season 6 Winner  : Adam P
Season 6 April 9th to July 16th, 2014

Season 7 Winner  : Tee-jay G.
Season 7 Aug 6 - Dec 17 2014
 Season 8 Winner :  Stuart M.
Jan 14 - July 1 2015
 Season 9 Winner :  Cam S.
July 22 2015- Jan 6 2016
 Season 10 Winner: Stuart M.
Season 11 Winner: Jeff S.
FCR Badminton League
Season 12 
Drop in welcome
September 6th, 2017 to June 27th, 2018 

40 Sessions

Start Date: September 6th, 2017
End Date: June 27th, 2018
Punch Card: $120/10 sessions
Drop In Fee: $13/ Session
Time: 8pm to 10pm
Prizes: 1st Place $120;
2nd Place $80

** League play has been changed to KING OF COURT system. **
For more information, please send your request to 

Drop-in players , first come first serve. 
Email reservations required. 
Drop in fee $13

* Send your request to for registration information.


Hello Badminton Players

We have made the following changes for league spots' reservations.  Punch card holders will have the first priority for drop-in spots. Single drop in playes will receive email confirmation for their drop in spots.
Every week, all punchcard holders and last week's players will automatically be included in the following week's players' list.   Reminder emails will be sent out to confirm your attendance.  Please check your name, report your absence if you cannot come to play  that week.   Your prompt response about joining or not joining will affect the efficiency of our league's operation every week.

Prepaid $120 for 10 admissions
Priority of drop-in spot reserved every week

Note:Punch card holders are responsible for paying up their account before it runs out of admissions.  Players that come to play without punch card admissions left will be moved to as regular drop-in players and single cash drop-in fee will be charged. Your punch card status may be re-instated (subject to availability) if you pay up your punch card fee before the next league day.

For Drop-in players
Pay single drop-in fees $13
Drop-in spots reservation required every week

If you have already reserved a drop-in spot, your name will be on this email. Please check your name and confirm your attendance.  If your name is not on the list and you would like to reserve a spot, please send a request by email asap. Enlisted players that are absent without reporting may be removed from the weekly regular players' list.   
** Please note that we highly rely on players' response to compile our weekly league games without delay and difficiency.

Note: Please report your absence by email 8 hours (by phone 3 hours) before the league starts at 8pm on Wednesday.