721P - Equal Access to School Facilities, Students, and Staff

School facilities are equipment, buildings, and grounds that are owned by the school board. The primary purpose of facilities is to support the instructional program. However, the school board encourages use of facilities by individuals, groups, and agencies when they are used for instructional, cultural, civic, social, recreational, governmental, or general political purposes and their use does not interfere with the instructional program. The school board does not unlawfully discriminate in granting access to the use of school facilities; however, non-curriculum and non-school sponsored student groups may use school facilities only during non-instructional time and in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Equal Access Act and all other applicable law, and in accordance with school board regulation 721R.

The board discourages regular and continued use of school facilities over long periods of time by organizations that do so in lieu of providing their own facilities. The board reserves the right to withdraw facilities from use at any time for any reason.

Access to students and staff within school facilities during the school day shall be for the sole purpose of supporting activities related to the instructional program unless approved by the superintendent of schools.

Charges and fees for use of facilities shall be set by the school board.

The superintendent shall promulgate regulations governing access to the use of school facilities, students, and staff.

Legal Reference:
Code of Virginia, Section 22.1‑131
20 USC, §§ 4071 and 7905.

Adopted: February 6, 1990
Amended: April 20, 2004 
Amended:  June 19, 2012