624P - Use of Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes on School Property

Smoking, chewing or any other use of any tobacco products by staff, students, and visitors is prohibited on school property as is the distribution of any tobacco product. The possession of any tobacco product by any student is prohibited on school property. In addition, staff, students and visitors are prohibited from possessing, using or distributing electronic cigarettes on school property.

For purposes of this policy:
1. “School property” means:
        a. All interior portions of any building or other structure used for instruction, administration, support services, maintenance or storage.
        b. All school grounds.
        c. The location of any school-related event, both on-site or off-site.
        d. All vehicles used by the division for transporting students, staff, visitors or other persons.

2. “Tobacco” includes cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco and all other kinds and forms of tobacco prepared in such manner as to be suitable for chewing, smoking or both. “Tobacco” includes cloves or any other product packaged for smoking.

3. “Smoking” means the carrying or holding of any lighted pipe, cigar, or cigarette of any kind, or any other lighted smoking equipment, or the lighting, inhaling, or exhaling of smoke from a pipe, cigar, or cigarette of any kind.

This policy shall be published in student and employee handbooks, posted on bulletin boards and announced in meetings.

Signage shall be posted conspicuously in order to adequately notify staff, students and visitors about the school division’s tobacco-free policy.

Staff, students and visitors found to be in violation of this policy shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

Legal References:

20 U.S.C. §§ 6083,7183
Code of Virginia, 1950 as amended, § 15.2-2820, 15.2-2824, 15.2-2825, 15.2-2827, 22.1-78, 22.1-79.5, 22.1-279.6.

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Adopted:    October 17, 2017