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554P - Leave of Absence

A. Purpose for Leave

The board will consider the following specific reasons in granting leaves of absence on requests from professional and classified personnel:

1. Military duty

2. Advanced study on a college or university level

3. Sickness or serious health problems

4. Temporary disability

5. Child adoption

6. Child care

B. Leave Duration

The policy of the board will be to grant a leave-of-absence for one (1) school year or for the remainder of the school year to professional personnel who have satisfactorily completed three (3) consecutive years of service or are on continuing contract in Frederick County and to classified personnel who have satisfactorily completed three (3) years of consecutive service. Requests for leaves-of-absence shall be considered on a yearly basis not to exceed two (2) consecutive school years. An employee earns no service credit or leave accruals (sick leave, personal leave, annual leave) during the leave of absence.

C. Benefits

An individual may continue participation in group hospitalization and life insurance at his own expense while on leave of absence.

D. Placement Following Extended Leave Without Pay

An employee shall be guaranteed a comparable position in the school system upon return to active employment immediately following the leave of absence.

Adopted: February 6, 1990