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409R-B - School Attendance Zones (School Assignment)

I. Child Care Provisions
Child care needs may cause parents to request that an elementary/middle school pupil attend a school outside of the established zone. If this need exists, a parent or guardian will complete a child care transfer request form (Attachment A) at the base school requesting that the child be allowed to transfer to another school attendance zone. The principal of the receiving school, with the knowledge of the base-school principal, will make the decision as to approval/non-approval of a student transfer request in accordance with the criteria listed below. 
A. General
1. The parent, because of employment, must secure a child care provider outside the child's attendance zone.
2. The parent/legal guardian and child care provider must reside in Frederick County.
3. The receiving principal will:
a. Verify county residency of parent/guardian with the base-school principal.
b. Verify the address of the child care provider and that the child is actually under the supervision of the child care provider as stated in the transfer request.
c. Review student records for grade and program assignment.
d. Determine space and program availability based upon the following:
(1) Educational program needs of student are available at the receiving school
(2) Current class size less than or equal to desired class sizes for elementary or middle school, or special needs programs
4. All placements of pupils outside their regular attendance zone shall be for a period of one year or until the end of the current school year, whichever is shorter. Renewal of such placement shall be made upon a yearly basis following the established procedures. The consideration of all requests will occur after August 1 or sooner if enrollment projections will allow or suggest approval of child care variance is possible.
5. Transportation of students between the home and the child care provider is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Those students with disabilities who require transportation as part of their individualized education plan, shall be provided transportation to and from their day care provider(s).
6. Transportation between the child care provider and the school is the responsibility of the parent/guardian unless the child care provider is on an existing bus route to the receiving schools.
7. A transfer to another school is considered a privilege. Therefore, all transfer students must comply with the Frederick County Code of Student Conduct.
B. Procedures
1. The person requesting the transfer must first speak with the principal of the school where the pupil is currently enrolled. The principal should be informed of the reason the parent(s) or guardian(s) feel the transfer is necessary. This enables the principal and the parent(s) or guardian(s) to discuss problems that may be corrected to remove the need for a transfer.
All transfer requests must be signed by the base-school and receiving principals.
After the base-school principal signs the transfer request, the receiving principal must approve the transfer in order for it to become effective. The receiving school then becomes responsible for properly registering the student. If the receiving school denies the transfer request, an appeal process is available to the, parent, or guardian and will be directed to the assistant superintendent for administration.
2. All transfer requests must be submitted on a Child Care Transfer Request form (Attachment A). The transfer request is to be submitted to the principal of the base school. Additional information may be attached to the transfer request form if the parent/guardian wishes to do so.
3. The parent/guardian will personally deliver the transfer request form to the receiving school after receiving the signature of the base-school principal.
4. The principal of the receiving school is to review the request following the steps outlined in A.3. of this regulation and indicate approval or non- approval. If approved by the receiving school, the student will be allowed to enroll in the school upon evidence of proper approval and withdrawal from the student's base school.
5. If a request is denied, the parent(s) or guardian(s) and/or pupil(s) will have the opportunity to appeal the decision. The appeal request must be in writing to the principal of the receiving school who will forward the appeal to the assistant superintendent for administration. If the assistant superintendent for administration is unable to resolve the situation, the appeal will be forwarded to the superintendent and beyond that, to the Frederick County School Board, if necessary. The decision of the school board regarding the appeal shall be final.
6. Upon receipt of the transfer request, the receiving school principal will inform the parent/guardian of his decision after August 1 for the next school year and within twenty (20) working days if the request is made after the school year begins (Attachment B).
II. Child Care Benefit Program for Staff 
Employees who are bona fide residents of Frederick County may request that their school-aged child attend the school at which they are employed. To make the request, the employee will complete a Child Care Benefit Program Registration Form (Attachment C) and meet the conditions below.   
1. The dependent child/children must be enrolled at the school of the parent’s employment by using the Child Care Benefit Program Registration Form (Attachment C). The registration deadline for current staff is on or before May 15, for the following school year. The registration deadline for newly hired staff is on or before July 31, for the following school year.
2. The parent is responsible for the child’s supervision before and after the employee’s regularly scheduled work hours. Supervised “care” in the employee’s classroom or work area during this time is permissible as long as it does not interfere with the employee’s work responsibilities, including but not limited to, attendance at meetings, communicating with parents, or conducting work-related tasks that require confidentiality. It is not permissible for the child to be unsupervised in the employee’s work area. When the employee’s work responsibilities do not permit such supervision, other child care accommodations must be made.
3. The parent is responsible for student transportation to and from school.
4. Attending school out of the attendance zone where one resides is a privilege which may be denied by the receiving school, with just cause, which may be related to attendance, behavior, or whether it will cause a disruption in school operations.
Cross Reference: Regulation 409R-C, Students – School Attendance Zones (Transfer of Residence), Regulation 409R-A, Students – School Attendance Zones (School Facility Capacity and Pupil Teacher Ratios)
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