314P Appendix E - Homework

Homework can be a positive experience for students, and parents are encouraged to work with their child to make homework a partnership for their child's success in school.

While homework is the responsibility of the student, the parent can provide guidance and support to make the task more rewarding. The following are suggestions for parents:

1. Provide the student with an appropriate place to study away from distractions such as the television, stereo or telephone. A desk or table should be available. Older students may not need a desk and may prefer to work on the floor or other places.

2. Have available necessary materials to complete assignments. For younger students this may be pencils, an eraser, and paper while older students may need a dictionary, thesaurus, or a calculator.

3. Provide a specific time to complete homework. For many students a break from school before beginning homework is beneficial.

4. Some students may need help in organizing assignments. This may be simply listing assignments and checking them as they are completed or arranging assignments to ensure they are finished when due.

5. Be available to help if the student gets "stuck." If the student has a test to study for, offer to ask questions or listen as he recites the material.

Parents can also provide instructional assistance to their child in other ways as well. The following are activities that will enable parents to help their child and stimulate the child's learning.

1. Take advantage of everyday opportunities. Talk about things that are happening including the news, what's being studied in school, and things of interest to the child.

2. Point out interesting things when they are encountered such as weather changes, wildlife, flowers, trees, etc.

3. Figure out things together. Helping you solve problems will make the student a better problem solver.

4. Encourage your child to ask questions such as, "How does this work?" or "Why did this happen?". Help them find the answers. A curious child is the best learner.

5. Supply reading materials. Read to young children. Have older children discuss with you what they are reading. Encourage the child to use the library.

To provide better assistance to children, it is important for parents to know the school's expectation for the child. The parents should meet with the child's teacher and ask for specific ways they can work with their child. The teacher will also be able to explain the requirements for homework and provide suggestions for completion of assignments. The teacher, parent and child all working together should enable the child to have a successful school career.