314P - Homework

Homework is a fundamental part of the learning process as an extension of classroom instruction. Meaningful homework assignments serve many purposes. These range from drill and providing practice in applying concepts and skills presented in the classroom to providing enrichment experiences for students. In addition, homework contributes to the development of organizational and study skills, self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility on the part of students. It can also provide an essential communication link between the school and the home. Research clearly shows that the amount of time devoted to learning is related to achievement and that homework has a positive effect on student achievement, particularly at the high school and middle school levels. Therefore, in the Frederick County Public Schools, homework is an essential part of the total school program. It is considered beneficial and important in a student's overall educational program and is to be assigned on a regular basis. 

Each Frederick County school will develop specific written homework guidelines which are consistent with this policy and accompanying regulation and which establish clear and consistent expectations for homework in that school. These guidelines will address such things as time allotments for homework, the purposes of typical homework assignments, how homework will be checked and evaluated, the weight homework will have in the evaluation of student progress, and procedures for making up homework when the student is absent. These guidelines may also include specific expectations for students and parents with regard to homework. The school homework guidelines must be reviewed annually and must be shared with students and parents at the beginning of each school year. 

Suggestions for parents in providing instructional assistance to their children in the home are attached in Appendix E.




Adopted:          February 6, 1990

Amended:         May 18, 1998