305P - High School Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements in Frederick County Public Schools shall conform to the requirements set forth by the Virginia Department of Education under the Standards for Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia and the Standards of Quality enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia. All graduates shall meet the requirements established by the school board and approved by the Board of Education.


Because of differences in interest, ability, and performance, the school board supports the establishment and maintenance of programs that address the needs and interests of a diverse student population. This commitment shall include the development and implementation of academic, vocational, alternative, and special education programs.



Adopted: February 6, 1990
Amended: June 19, 1995
Amended: December 18, 1995
Amended: April 28, 1997
Amended: June 15, 1998
Amended: July 7, 1998
Amended: July 6, 1999
Amended: May 15, 2001