120P - Policy Formulation, Adoption, Amendment, and Suspension

A.      Policy Formulation

The board is the legislative body that determines all questions of general policy to be employed in the conduct of the public schools.

Proposals regarding school-division policies may originate with any group or individual and will be invited to the board's attention through the superintendent.

Action on such proposals, whatever their source, is taken finally by the board in accord with its bylaws. The board should take action after hearing recommendations presented to the board by the superintendent. The recommendations of the superintendent may be based upon the outcomes of study and upon the judgment of the professional staff and study committees.

B.      Adoption and Amendment

  1. Policy proposals and suggested amendments to or revisions of existing policies shall be submitted to all members of the board and to the superintendent in writing prior to a regularly scheduled board meeting in which such proposed policies, amendments, or revisions shall be discussed. A vote for adoption shall take place at the next succeeding regular meeting of the board. A majority vote of the membership of the board shall be needed for the adoption of a policy. The school board shall from time to time adopt policies and cause them to be published. 
  2. The board may suspend its rules by a two-thirds vote and bring the proposed policy up for immediate adoption. 

C.      Suspension

Policies of the board shall be subject to suspension only upon a majority vote at a meeting in the call for which the proposed suspension has been described in writing or upon a two-thirds vote when no such written notice has been given.

D.      Policy Review

School Board policies shall be reviewed at least every five years and revised as needed.

Legal Reference:


Code of Virginia, Section 22.1-78, 22.1-253.13:7.



Adopted:          February 6, 1990

Amended:         May 8, 2008