115P - Order of Business, Quorum, Rules

A.        Order of Business and Procedures

The normal order of business at a regular meeting of the Board shall be as follows:

            1.         Call to Order


            2.         Minute of Silence


            3.         Pledge of Allegiance


            4.         Approval of Agenda


            5.         Consent Agenda


            6.         Citizen/Staff Comments


            7.         Approval of Minutes


            8.         Approval of Bills, Payroll, etc.


            9.         Reports


            10.       Unfinished Business


            11.       New Business  


B.         Quorum

A majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum for any school board meeting. 

C.        Rules of Order

The Board shall observe Robert's Rules of Order, revised, except as otherwise provided by these rules and regulations or by statute.


Legal Reference:


Code of Virginia, Section 22.1-78.


Adopted:          February 6, 1990

Amended:         June 19, 2007

Amended:         July 19, 2016