105P - Compensation and Reimbursed Expenses

A.      Compensation

          Each member of the County School Board of Frederick County, Virginia shall receive an annual salary as provided by law.

B.       Reimbursed Expenses

Each member of the school board shall be paid mileage for use of a private vehicle in attending meetings of the school board and in conducting other official business of the school board and/or any actual expenses incidental to performance of official duties, at a rate not to exceed the current state reimbursement.

Applications for reimbursement for allowable expenses for conferences shall be submitted to the Finance Department on the proper form within thirty days following the date an expense is incurred.


Legal Reference:


Code of Virginia 1950, as amended,  Section 22.1-32.



Adopted:          February 6, 1990

Amended:         August 21, 1995

Amended:         June 17, 2003