Working Papers

"The Privatization Origins of Political Corporations," joint with Felipe González and Francisco Urzúa.

September 2018 | Submitted. [PDF]

Featured in: PPX, La Segunda, Radio Infinita

"How Do Internal Capital Markets Work? Evidence from the Great Recession," joint with David Buchuk, Borja Larraín, and Francisco Urzúa.

August 2018 | Submitted. [PDF]

Featured in: Derecho Mercantil blog

"Losing Your Dictator: Firms During Political Transition," joint with Felipe González.

July 2018 | Submitted. [PDF]

Featured in: La Segunda, The Clinic

"Patronage and Selection in Public Sector Organizations," joint with Emanuele Colonnelli and Edoardo Teso.

September 2018. [PDF]

Featured in: World Bank blog, VoxDev

"The Geography of Repression and Support for Democracy: Evidence from the Pinochet Dictatorship," joint with María A. Bautista, Felipe González, Luis Martínez, and Pablo Muñoz.

September 2018. [PDF]

Featured in: Radio Infinita, CIPER, Foco Económico

"Killing Social Leaders for Territorial Control: The Unintended Consequences of Peace," joint with Andrés Rivera, Dario Romero, and Juan F. Vargas.

June 2018. [PDF]

Featured in: Vision of Humanity, La Silla Vacía, El Espectador, World Crunch, Foco Económico

"Corruption and Firms: Evidence from Randomized Anti-Corruption Audits in Brazil," joint with Emanuele Colonnelli.

November 2017. [PDF]

Featured in: LAPP

Landau Prize for the best SIEPR Discussion Paper

Best Paper Award at USC Marshall Finance PhD Conference (co-winner)

Selected Work in Progress

"The Internal Labor Markets of Business Groups," joint with Cristobal Huneeus, Federico Huneeus, Borja Larrain, and Mauricio Larrain.

"Lost in Transition? The Persistence of Dictatorship Mayors," joint with Felipe González and Pablo Muñoz.

"Corporate Misconduct, Firm Growth, and Labor Reallocation," joint with Emanuele Colonnelli.