Manga Reviews

One of my personal favorite manga is Cantarella. This manga is based on a boy who's the source of Cantarella. I would recomend this manga to anyone who is interested in Renaissance styles and a gory plot line. Hope you enjoy it!  --Reviewed by Mariah McG.


Death Note

Light finds a death note on the ground.  He finds out that whoever writes in it dies.  He then chooses to rid the world of evil. He spends lots of time killing people who have done wrong!  Meanwhile, there is a guy tracking him down to catch him and stop him for killing.  This book is full of twists and turns.  It’s a great cat and mouse chase.      --Reviewed by Destiny Brown


For those who have not yet read DNAngel, I would highly recomend it. It is extremely interesting for both males and females, and includes action, mild romance, comedy, and did I mention a 14 yr. old boy who turns into an expert thief overnight? Again, I find this to be one of my favorite Manga.   --Reviewed by Mariah McG.



This is a very good book if you like investigations and murders.  It’s about a guy named Cain who is investigating murders and who did it.  He has a stepsister who is 7 – they get into all these different things.  Everyone is out to kill Lord Cain, but he always manages to survive with the help of his butler.          --Reviewed by Koda Brown



Vampires, guns, Nazis, blood = fun.  It may not be for the queasy, but the battle of humans and vampire-nazi is soooo cool!! So sit back and enjoy the show!!         --Reviewed by Jessi K.



If you like action, this is the book for you.  Not for the fainthearted, though.  Comes with a dark, sophisticated edge sure to please your darker side.         --Reviewed by C.A.N.

It seems that every time I watch it I try my best to see it again and again.  My favorite episode is when Naruto and his friends are going through some weird test, battles and such.  It’s where you get to see many other villages & tribes; sand, leaf, water, and beyond.         --Reviewed by Omni


Scrapped Princess

This is a fairly interesting manga.  It is a story of love and loyalty.  It is kind of annoying because it doesn’t really end.  It is very short, only 3 manga long.  It is also fairly violent.  --Reviewed by M.W.